Lifetime Guide Subscription if

Not to be “Mr. Negative”… But…  What happens to a lifetime guide subscription should Tablo/Nuvyyo “exit” the market?  How/who is providing the programming for the guide and would it continue?  Even if paying monthly, is there any provision for continued guide data or do the devices just go “dumb”?

I’d love for everyone to be around for a long time but I gotta ask since the lifetime subscription is 2.5 years worth paid up front…

I have thought this very same thought.

In the unlikely event of our untimely demise, I doubt our guide data provider would keep providing this information out of the goodness of their hearts. We pay a lot for the service and that’s this company’s bread & butter. 

That being said, we’ll be introducing a ‘manual’ mode soon that will still give you access to live TV and date/channel/time recording capabilities so the box won’t be a brick if the unthinkable happens. 

Lifetime subscriptions are a risk/reward situation.  If you hate the product or it goes out of business, then some of that money is wasted.   On the other hand, if this company stays successful and keeps making terrific products for decades, then your $150 investment will pay for itself easily. 

Exactly @snowcat - Life is like a box of chocolates. Sometimes you get the awesome caramel and sometimes you get the crappy orange goo. We’re all planning on awesome caramel 'round these parts. :) 

What the heck, clearly we already all took a leap spending $220 on a device that could be abandoned at any moment for the same reason…  Such is the life of an early adopter.  :)

There was certainly some risk when we purchased the device (still is), but I really like my Tablo and am glad I took the plunge.  However, if Tablo/Nuvyyo did ever disappear I’m not sure the device would be very usable.  The manual programming mode would help in the absence of a TV schedule, but that won’t help me find the Tablo channel for my Roku or apps for the other devices (I’m assuming these would become unavailable).

I doubt the apps would become unavailable… No longer updated and in a feature freeze yes, but not removed…

I’m well aware of the risks taken by early adopters like ourselves (as soon as the 4-tuner models available I’ll be joining the team).  That said, I was more interested in making sure the device wouldn’t be a total brick if guide data was unavailable.  I’m sure Tivo owners had the same thoughts in the early days and I even had a ReplayTV for a number of years before I sold it.  :)

Thanks for the responses.