LG smart tv prior to Web OS

Anyone getting Tablo on an LG Smart tv prior to the WEB OS for LG- have tried thru lg online search but no luck… I can get to the “account.mytablo.com” and login in . Then when I go to log in and try “my.tablotv.com” nothing comes up but the Tablo logo-

Any suggestions?




Thank you Mr. Cox.

I don’t think getting a FireTV will fix the issue with Web OS on the LG? (which is my very nice and totally gracious reply to your comment… give it some thought before you post next time… ok?)

Now, @road3682, you say “prior to the Web OS for LG”… do you means you have an LG that doesn’t have WebOS on it? It was somewhat unlear to me. If it is a question about WebOS, I’m not sure Nuvyyo has released the one they were working on yet (?). But I know they have demonstrated something and if it’s not out yet, it’s probably close.

Thanks cjcox-my LG is the model before WebOS was put out and apparently mine will not upgrade to WebOS. The internet browser tab opens right up to the part where the Tablo logo shows at the top and then a blank page for my.tablotv.com where my info should appear. I have checked the setting I could find but nothing to help yet. Will have to keep the apple tv hooked to the unit and watch Tablo that way…

I asked Tablo support about this and this was their response:

We’ll be putting out an app for the LG Web OS platform - but until this is set up, the browser built into the TV will not support the Tablo web app at http://my.tablotv.com/. Stay tuned for details on the release date of the dedicated app! It’s coming soon.

I would appreciate an official update from @TabloTV regarding the webOS app, since spring has come and gone.

Thanks for checking-looking forward to the WebOs release also.

We had a version submitted for approval and then LG put out WebOS 3 and said, “Hey, this doesn’t work with this new OS we just put out. DENIED.” (Queue sad trombone.)

We’ve made some tweaks and submitted a new version, hoping for good things but it’s safe to say developing an app for an ever-changing OS for a SmartTV has been a difficult experience.

@road3682 - It’s unlikely that your browser has the correct back-end infrastructure to allow communication with the Tablo.

Thanks for the quick response- I will await for the new Os update–thanks again