Legacy Tablo for RV use

Haven’t tried it yet so looking for feedback from someone who uses a Tablo in an RV.

I believe the legacy Tablo will work without a network connection for OTA use and recorded content. Is that correct? I’m thinking I can have it recording my favorites while it’s in range of my home WiFi, and do a channel scan and use Live TV and/or record while offline wherever I happen to be.


I believe that when you don’t have a network, you won’t have a guide.
Maybe if the shows to record are already scheduled, they would record. Unsure.
Others may have experience with this.

You might look at ota2,go to copy from Legacy to Android tablet or phone

Thanks! Thinking further on this, I would also need a router, whether I have internet or not, so that the Tablo would have WiFi. But hey I have an old Legacy unit sitting unused since I got the new one.

Kinda thinking outside the box here, but…

I would think as long as you’re not going to be recording FAST channels, a phone’s hotspot (or super cheap mobile hotspot device/plan) would work just fine. I ran my 4th gen on a separate limited 600kbps connection for the first few weeks I had it, and despite taking a little longer to load the guide data it worked just fine. IDK how often you’d need to connect the Tablo to your device or how easily you’re able to modify your internet connection, but I would assume this is doable on a Legacy as well.

The old Tablos do work a little with no internet and internal wifi, I tested it once before in a group as someone was asking.

It’s been a few years, but from what I remember it did start up, most icons and things were blank, but I did manage to get a recording to play. It is not for long term use, but if internet went down a couple hours, might be usable. I did not use it long, just to see if something would work.