Legacy Offline Solution

Interesting Problem / Solution

While t/s a 4G4 problem I started getting a no Internet connection on my Legacy unit running on Roku Ultra. The legacy was working fine on Android using the same router and Internet connection. All the restarts/resets failed to regain communication between the Roku/Tablo.

Finally, in desperation, I removed the Legacy app from the Roku Ultra. After a fresh Roku Legacy app install, on restart the only Tablo found on the connection screen was for the 4G4 and no other (Legacy) was found on a new scan for Tablo.

I powered down the 4G4, and then restarted the Legacy app. Legacy was found and I was able to restart. I then repowered the 4G4, restarted the 4G app and now all is right with the world. (I was even able to correct the 4G4 problem that started this!)

There are many Legacy/G4 users out there, so I’m posting this for anyone who encounters a similar situation.

For clarity, by 4G4 do you mean 4th generation 4 tuner?