LED Light

My LED light keeps turning back on. I prefer to leave it off, but it seems to randomly turn itself back on. Any idea if this is a bug or how to keep it from turning back on?

Psilver1. It is expected for the light to be solid and on all the time.

It should stay off, but I have had times where it came back on for whatever reason.  Just go back into the settings and turn it on and off again.   I would say it is a bug.

Thing is pretty bright. I just tried turning it off… we will see if it pops back on. 

FOr the record, if the LED flashes or comes on due to update thats fine, but sitting in my bedroom at night…WOW. 

Just an update, it has been two days and the light has remained in the O F F postion.

I am so glad that they allow you to turn off the LED. I wish all electronics had an option for that. (I use electrical tape for those that don’t.)

@bblackmoor I do the exact same thing. I have the LED on my Tablo off, but a piece of electrical tape on the HD light. 

I agree, I had one item in my bedroom that my wife hated because of the light. Thank you Tablo for that!