Latest Tablo Update

I’m currently using a Nexus player with 2.2.8 and have not done latest Tablo update. I am reluctant to update so as to avoid possibly degrading the very good overall functionality of my current set up.

Question - Has anyone with similar setup made the transition and how has it worked out? Particularly have you noticed any SIGNIFICANT improvement in any particular function? Thanks.

UPDATE: CORRECTION - using 2.2.6.


Thought 2.2.8 is the latest update.


Sorry, you’re right. Should be 2.2.6


After updating to 2.2.8 I seldom see the “Loading Please Wait”

That’s the biggest improvement for me.


Are you using Nexus player or Roku or ??


I mainly use a ROKU 4, but also use the Nexus Player and ROKU 3s


OK. Thanks. Never had an LPW problem with Nexus on 2.2.6 which is why I was curious. I’m assuming the improvements were mainly on the Roku’s?

Yes… ROKUs

I have 2 Roku 3s and an NP. Since the latest Roku update and 2.2.8 I have NOT seen ONE LPW - the NP was always great but the Rokus before the updates would LPW once or twice an hour.

Thanks Sodaman. What I really wanted to know was, was there any big improvement with NP when you went from 2.2.6 to 2.2.8? If not, I best stay with 2.2.6.

Thats because LPW is a roku error.

2.2.8 did introduce a lot of database optimizations to improve speed on all devices. As well, some people were having issues with recordings being recorded on the USB HDD but missing from the recordings list with 2.2.6. I would recommend you upgrade to 2.2.8 - no issues here with it from Day 1.

Thanks. Always cautious of updates especially when things are A-OK.

My speed is good except for the live TV 8 second channel loading delay which apparently comes with the territory.