Latest symptoms on Win 10 connect failure

So, you and I (and others) have been flogging this Win 10 connect failure problem for a while, thought I’d share the latest symptoms to see if that gives you thought as to what is going on.
Tablo is connected to wifi; I know because the tablet and the smart phone are able to connect with Tablo and perform all functions. Previously, PC running Win 10 and Chrome browser would not connect at all. Now (6Dec2016) when I open it says “connecting” then jumps to “syncing” and sits there making circles for literallly hours; finally reverts back to the screen that says “connect, rescan, via wifi,”, etc.
Of course, as always, have done all the usual: rebooted Tablo, rebooted router, uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome.
Hopes this gives clue on where to look for the problem. In the meantime, watching Tablo on my small screen devices.

I don’t know if this will help, but are you able to connect your Tablo to your router via Ethernet cable? The reason I mention this is that when I first bought my Tablo, I had it on Wi-Fi, and it worked great with my Roku devices with the original TAblo-Roku app… the one without the live program grid that we have now. When the new Roku app came out, my Roku devices would no longer connect to Tablo. I worked quite a bit with Tablo support on the problem, without success. It was only when I moved Tablo to Ethernet that my issues went away.

Ikahhan, thanks for responding. Tried with the ethernet cable, same result; says “connecting”, then changes to “syncing” and just keeps spinning circles.

Have you tried resetting your chrome browser? Sometimes just clearing the cache might fix it. Also, if you’re using an ad blocker, I’ve seen where some sites choke on that.

Yeah, reinstalled Chrome, clear the cache, tried all the usual suggestions. Strange that it worked for a while then not working. I’m convinced it’s a Win 10 update that throws it off.

It’s possible that Win 10 is the culprit, but I’m running it on an old Asus laptop I upgraded from Win 7, and on my Surface Pro 4 tablet. Have you checked for simple network issues?

One thing you might try is to right click on the page and select “Inspect”.

That should bring up the developer tools.

Try reloading the page and looking in the “Console” tab and “Network” tab. It may give you some more information as to where it is failing.