Latest Shows Tablo v4

I have been seeing that shows show up in “Latest” before the recording is complete.

Please revise that shows aren’t listed until they finish recording.

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tablo just has to get all the gen 4 app to play what is currently being recorded from the beginning or the last played position. And the episode item for latest should reflect that it is still recording. Then gen 4 will work like legacy.


If the show is recording and not completed… would you want it to not show up in the library at all, until it’s completed?

Or maybe have a “currently recording” section?

Come on. If you are recording a 3 1/2 hour football game I can’t watch any of it until it’s completely done recording.

And compared to the legacy models latest is really rather useless. On legacy under recordings you get a Recent filter that is akin to Latest. The Recent filter displays the latest recorded “episodes” in chronological order for the last 10-12 days.

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