Latest App Update requires re-pairing devices for Tablo Connect

It looks like after installing the latest ios app update I need to bring my ios devices to my Tablo to re-pair them. Is that what’s happening, or is it something else because my device wouldn’t connect after I updated the app.

Yes correct. I needed to even re-sync locally. It is not just remotely with Tablo Connect.

I’d like to hear from Tablo support on this. If they did this or if it happened because of poor testing, that’s a problem. If they knew this would happen they should have warned us because not everyone can just “go home” easily to re-pair the device. My sister is in the midwest, and won’t be visiting with her iphone for months, so Tablo is effectively dead for her. Add this to the reason’s we need ID+password login for Tablo - even more than bulk delete, which is nice but isn’t exactly elegant (either one at a time or all, no choice to do several but not all).


You can try setting up a VPN for your sister to get into your network for a re-sync.

Yes I use a VPN to re-pair when I’m out of the house.

At least some people at Tablo knew this. Max told me that if I updated, I would not be able to watch on Fire TV Stick until I did a resync.

I’ve had problems with Tablo Connect turning itself off but never needed to re-pair. I don’t think earlier updates required this. Not sure how to use a VPN to re-pair would work. I’ll look to see if re-pairing using a VPN has been posted on this site somewhere else. Now the question is HOW COULD TABLO DO THIS WITHOUT WARNING US??? And I’ll add PLEASE DON’T BOTHER UPDATING FOR IPAD. WAIT UNTIL YOU’VE ADDED I.D. AND PASSWORD LOGIN OR UNLESS YOU CAN FIGURE OUT A WAY TO UPDATE WITHOUT REQUIRING RE-PAIRING.

Re-pairing has always been an issue since Day One with Tablo Connect. This is not new.

The Tablo Connect feature was designed to be used occasionally when away from home. The assumption is you won’t be away for months at a time.

They already said username and password remote access is on the to-do list - but no idea when the feature will come out.

Like I said earlier, the new iPhone app wiped the previous database saved on the device and required connecting to the Tablo as a “New Tablo” - like it had never connected to it before.

There is no procedure for using a VPN to re-pair. If you have a VPN server at your house and a VPN client on your remote device you can connect to your home LAN via the VPN as if you were connecting to your network while at home.

All iOS devices have a built-in VPN client for PPTP and L2TP.

Yes that is the easy part. Does he have a VPN server at his house?

Likely not, not everyone is tech savvy enough for a VPN server set up.

It’s actually how I use the Roku remotely too.

I responded to an email and asked the the name / password please be moved to THE TOP of the to do list.


I’d love that too - but it’s not a make or break feature in my opinion.

I agree @beastman its definitely in the top 3 priorities in my opinion. If Tablo is really mobile-forward as they claim, this would be the walk behind the talk. Nothing more frustrating than seeing that spinning circle of trying to connect when you are away from home.

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Don’t say that to the 5.1 DD people - this would be last on the list.

@theuser86 you and I both know that I see 5.1 in the top 3 priotrities as well, but I am definitely willing to admit there are other very important features which can temporarily be fixed first :slight_smile:


Hey @theuser86… I’m one of those 5.1 DD people. :smile:

I do agree that the pairing situation does need a overhaul…