Late Lifetime Guide purchase

I want to buy a Quad and a 3 or 4 TB drive, today, from Amazon, and have it in my hands tomorrow. I think that there is a very good chance that the Quad will work with my brand new Sony XBR-49X800E. But I’m not sure. I want the Lifetime Guide subscription; but I don’t want to spend 150 bucks on it and then learn that the Quad doesn’t work for my set.

My question: Can I purchase the lifetime subscription direct from the company AFTER I have convinced myself that it’s going to work?

I’d rather buy the hardware direct from the manufacturer, but Amazon will give me ‘free’ next day delivery. Perhaps more importantly, they will take the device back if it doesn’t work in my environment.

For extra credit: Am I the only person who gets seriously annoyed when somebody’s website DEMANDS that I select from a drop-down list that has nothing on it that ‘fits’ my situation?? I suppose I should ask: Does anybody else have OCD ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks in advance,

Paul in Wisconsin (newbie).

Hi there @matejcek

You don’t have to pick or purchase a subscription until your 30-day trial is up … or at all if you’re going that route.

And if your new Sony TV runs Android TV, you should be able to download both Tablo apps to it. If you’ve got the TV now, you can even download the app today.

And if this…

Is about the support ticket form… The drop down fields are not required.

You mean CDO right? :slight_smile:

That’s how those with serious OCD say OCD.

My mother-in-law always said COD…

Seriously, you can go monthly for a few - be certain, and then jump in for life if that’s what you decide.

Others get a lifetime then realize… life of tablo use is a lot shorter than hoped.

You can change monthly to yearly if/when you commit to lifetime subscription, you’re locked in - for life! TOS now may not always be the same.

but remember Monthly and Annual payments do not count twards the $150. I did a couple of months and went lifetime.

@TabloTV any chance of having the guide data on a 4 payment plan for lifetime?

Of course not, but $10 2mths in and decide it doesn’t fit your needs, or $10 before spending $150 to make sure it’ll work out for you.

Everyone’s budget varies… Just say’n you don’t have to go all in right away.

Sure, a quad payment special promotion for the new Quad😀!

As suggested, senior discount, use insurance formulas so cost can be based on your life expectancy.

If there is a senior’s discount, I will get my parents to purchase all future Tablos lol

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My main concern was related to purchasing the hardware from a reseller (Amazon) and then being able to buy the lifetime subscription from Tablo. I did ultimately get a a solid, specific answer:

Blockquote You can purchase the lifetime subscription at anytime, regardless of where the Tablo itself is purchased from :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, I placed my order yesterday, and expect delivery today.

Thanks to all who responded.


Amazon is an officially retailer of the Tablo.

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