Lagacy upgrade to Gen 4

Tablo sent a survey request and this was part of the survey. any thoughts?

Later this year, a firmware update will be available for legacy network-connected Tablo hardware models to make them compatible with the new 4th generation Tablo apps.

This update:

  • WILL enable customers to use the new 4th generation Tablo apps IF THEY WISH
  • WILL NOT disable access to legacy apps or current subscription features like Tablo Connect when using legacy apps

This is the same information that has been provided/available in the FAQ for a while now.

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My 12 month guide subscription expires on August 6th. Any idea if the update will be available before that date?


Sorry, we don’t have an ETA to share yet.

My current 12 month guide subscription expires on August 6th. If I renew the guide subscription for another 12 months and the Gen 4 upgrade becomes available before my subscription expires and I upgrade to Gen 4, can I get a credit retroacvtive based on how many months are left on my subscription?es

Just switch to monthly for a while . . .

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Exactly what I was going to say, monthly is available…

Do you know what the monthly fee is? I paid $49.99 for 12 months in August of 2023.

It is $4.99/month.

Once our legacy devices have the upgraded firmware, will we be able to use (for example) the 4th generation app on one device (say our TV in our living room) and use the legacy app on an Amazon Firestick when we travel so we have remote access (i.e. have usable legacy and 4th gen apps on different devices simultaneously)?

Pretty sure that answer is no. You either have the new firmware version that supports the new apps or you don’t.

The original announcement said post firmware you can still use the legacy app, but unclear to me if one can use them both on the same device or possibly on different devices. See the post from Tablo

As a legacy 4 tuner owner in Canada I don’t see any advantage to using the new apps. FAST channels are not available here and I would lose commercial skip so I don’t see any plus side. They probably won’t even offer us the firmware.


Before getting too tangled in all the “what if’s” and “what about…” There have been someday, on the road map and we’re working on it announcements dating back to the beginning. Whole bunch never happen.

Tried using the reminder function of the forum bookmarks to ask for annual updates. They won’t even after 3 years we won’t do it.