Lack of signal strength indicators on all platforms

I noticed some time ago that I no longer have signal strength indicators via any platform. Any suggestions on why and how to fix it? I do remember never seeing it via Android but at least I used used have it on Chrome and iPad…but no more.

Pretty sure it only shows when you are selecting the channels to begin with. Although I think it would be better if it stayed so you know what it was. But maybe best to not see since it may have change, ie moved the antenna, etc

I would almost swear I used to see them in Chrome after they were already selected. And I’m thinking it would help to see strength when working resolve problems. Ok, so going from 5 to 4 dots probably wouldn’t help but if it dropped to 1 or 2 it would be helpful to know that.

Well, it never updates on it’s own. The only time signal strength is show accurately is when you run the channel update.

But, I thought it used to be there too, but I noticed a while back it wasn’t. Just never said anything

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Yeah ok that makes sense…and glad it isn’t just me!

The signal strength moved a while back - it is now buried one menu deeper. From Settings, select Edit Channel Lineup, and the signal strength is shown there.

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Interesting, but I assume that is old value, not current?

Probably the original scanned value - just moved to another screen. But I don’t know for sure.

I’m debating unplugging my coax to see.

Oh and thanks for pointing that out!

Definitely original scanned value. Signal strength is not dynamic.

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Can it be made dynamic? Add to the never ending list.


That has already been requested but that’s a BIG job and it would take up a significant amount of internal resources on the Tablo. That being said, it’s still on the list of things to look at as we move forward.

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It would be a nice to have but I’m assuming it would have to be built in to Live TV when viewing a channel or somewhere in Settings where you could select a channel to view it’s signal strength. In any case it would be limited to one channel at a time due to the fact you would need to tie up one tuner to evaluate the signal.

Most TVs display the current signal strength as you tune single channels. I assume they are capturing that during the tuning process, which would make it much easier to do on the Tablo.