Kudos to a great product

I know many of the posts in this forum are for problems folks are experiencing. I have encountered a few glitches myself, but none that I have not resolved to date and none that I feel are major issues. I also realize that Tablo is a product which provides DVR capability using a broad spectrum of third party devices, and must try and address all of the various idiosyncrasies that come with these devices.

However, the purpose of this post is to provide a huge kudos to the Tablo team. I am absolutely thrilled with my Tablo, and how it has given me the ability to record mutliple shows simultaneously and watch them later when I have time, or watch one show/movie now and record another at the same time. I think back to how this was not possible prior to getting my Tablo unless I paid big cable or a satellite tv provider.

I am personally very happy with my Tablo and I have no reservations about referring my family and friends to Tablo.

Bravo Tablo team, for a wonderful product!! I just want to give you some much deserved congratulations.



As I’ve said in another thread, the Tablo was the last piece to fall into place in my OTA system. The Tablo made the whole environment easily usable for my wife. I’ve recommended it to others and installed OTA systems for friends and neighbors with the Tablo as part. My next door neighbor has had it for 5 weeks now for his home theater which I installed and he is thrilled with it (using the Nexus Player). Thanks Tablo!

PS Next week one of my wife’s bridge partners is coming to our place to see how it all works. They want to cut the cord.


Thanks everyone!

I agree… every product has their ups and downs…and forums are often used to vent these problems to find solutions. This product is really great…I haven’t paid a dime to a cable/sat provider for almost 2 years… and I never want to look back because of this great product. Especially with the new firmware, it really rocks!


And I’m ok with Roku + Tablo. I must be brain damaged. :smile:


I’m loving Tablo so far. It has a few minor glitches but overall I am pretty darn happy. It was the last piece in my cord cutting setup. I see no reason to ever go back to cable again. :smile:

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