KODI app and tablets

I am trying to use my Kodi to access Tablo Live. It seems to not respond to touch gestures. I can only see the first few listings and cannot scroll the guide. Has anyone used this combination to watch Tablo?

What tablet? Does it not have a native Tablo app?

Thanks for the quick response. It is a Samsung Note 10.1 2014 edition. Yes, it has the Tablo app (I have other words for that that I will use another thread for). I want to do all my video through one source Kodi. I am using the Tablo plugin to Kodi which should work. I use the same set up on a Raspberry Pi and it works ok.

Which version of Kodi? Some people have had issues with the new Kodi 17 - try 16

It is 17 but since it’s on Android rollback is not an easy option. Looks like I have to wait for an update to turn off the lean back interface.