Knowing when Tablo is going to delete shows

It would be nice to know when a show is getting close to being deleted (within a week) . Maybe a color badge, outline or something. 

Auto-deletion is based on how much hard drive space you have left.  Impossible to know WHEN time wise your deletion will occur as that depends on actual recordings filling your drive.

@thesillyrabbit - If you have recordings you want to save, you can choose to protect them.

This is how it looks in the web app. 

@luker. I understand that. The thing is I have a 500 gig drive that’s already filled up. I don’t mind letting Tablo delete things as they get old. I would just like to know when things are due up to get deleted. 

@TabloTV Protecting programs is rad I do it all the time, it would just be nice to know when things are up next to be deleted.  I think this goes with the other feature of “only keeping x # of episodes” I know it’s been brought up before so I won’t get into it but since we don’t have this feature (yet) it means I literally have hundreds of programs saved to my HD but I have know way of knowing what is being deleted everyday or what’s about to be deleted. Just a thought. I’ve had it before with other DVRs and thought it was a good feature to have.


Point taken! Tx for your feedback :) 

Yea I agree … a “death row” view of shows next on the choping block would be handy util you get the “keep XX shows on a per episode level” working (hint hint nudge nudge)

Perhaps an easy way to solve this would be to add a sort function to the Recordings view. You would simply sort your recordings by date to put the oldest TV shows/movies at the bottom (or top) of the list. Since the TV show episodes are grouped by show title, you would need to select them individually and scroll down the list of episodes to choose which ones to protect or delete.

The true solution is to allow for a limit to be set on series recordings. 

If I am recording a daily show (e.g. Today Show) and I only want to keep the last one recorded (or two or three) then I should be able to set that number in Tablo. Then the harddrive does not fill up as fast and I don’t have to go back and delete the old shows (which is too many button clicks at the moment). 

This is the only feature missing in tablo keeping me from turning off FIOS tv. I was hoping to see it in the latest release.  

@stolicow - That’s still on the to-do list! We were just busy working on three new interfaces the last little while :)