Keep recordings for different family members separate

There are 4 family members in my household. Is there a way to keep each others recodings separate. In other words I don’t want to have my shows mixed up with my wife’s and kids.

No, there isn’t a way. I am pretty sure no DVR on the market has that capability.

Sure. Buy 4 Tablo units. One guide subscription is good for all of them.

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Yep - this is what we did (well, 2 4-tuner units). My husband has his and I have mine and never do we have to worry about sifting through someone else’s recordings or deleting something that the other still wants to watch. And that gives us a total of 8 tuners, so we never have recording conflicts either.


Same antenna feeding two quad tuner Tablos?

Its been a long time since I had a Dish Dvr, but I am pretty sure you could create folders and then move your recordings to that folder. We had folders for every member of the family, one folder for movies, etc.


Plex DVR can do this.