Just returned from a 2 week vacation

It’s amazing how many shows I had scheduled to record, and Tablo appears to have recorded them all flawlessly, leaving me with quite a backlog to work through. With new shows continuing to record every day, it’ll keep me occupied for weeks, so I definitely won’t be hurting for things to watch for a while.

As an aside, I was able to connect to Tablo via my Windows 10 tablet while I was away, and it worked flawlessly. I didn’t have a chance to watch any shows for the most part, as I mainly used it to schedule new recordings coming up while I was away, such as The X Files. However, while waiting at the airport for my return flight on Sunday, I was able to take advantage of the free wi-fi and connect to Tablo to catch a little bit of the Dallas/Denver game. Quality was excellent.


You’ll probably find that your X Files has about 30 minutes of post-NFL game stuff before it. With the last 30 minutes cut off, of course.

Actually, I took care of that. I got home Sunday night about an hour before X Files was due to start, so I set up a manual recording that started on time, but had it record for an extra hour so that I wouldn’t miss anything. Had I not noticed that a football game was on and missed it, I would have tried to catch it on Hulu.


I had to download my first TV show in 2 years to catch the last 11 minutes. Stupid football.


I might average one missed show every month or two (for one reason or another), but the first episode of x-files is scheduled to show again on 2/6. I can wait it out.

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