Just look at all those duplicates

Still getting several duplicates with the new firmware (and "no duplicates" enabled):


Problem is if they were already scheduled before the upgrade you will get them, as I understand.

I know that my Simpsons episodes are finally not duplicated anymore, but I can’t remember if it did it on its own, or I went ahead and deleted the schedule and readded it.  To be safe, do the latter, like Jestep is pointing out.

I had to delete my scheduled recordings and then reschedule them to get the duplicates to not happen.

@Jestep, @snowcat, @PiX64,

Thanks, I might do that. Though, 14 days is coming up pretty soon.

@cedarrapidsboy The posts above have already addressed this, but I wanted to confirm: the smart recording schedules aren’t retroactive for recordings scheduled prior to the update. If you upgraded on release date, you just a few days away.