Just keeps getting worse


Physical Display :slight_smile:


I’ve got a clock… back where you started. Why not a gigabit network port and 2 USB 3.0s?


i think the new unit has GB? Why do you need more USB when you provide the internal drive now?


Needs built in popcorn popper and ability to stream the popcorn to the end user.


I’m sure the reason will eventually reveal itself. It could be as simple as the 2 USB ports to clone disks. Old feature requests seem to come back to life.


Alright, with the internal, maybe just one. Backup and/or more storage? …move data to another tablo. I bet if you had one, you’d find a use for it, with out one… you might be wishing for it again.


I use the USB port for my antenna power (i have 64GB dual now). So this new product is fantastic as far as I’m concerned. I still get my power port and I decide the space plus 4 tuners vs 2 etc. its really great. I plan on a 2TB SSD.


I have 2 OG tablos(plus a dual 64) and both had 2 USB ports. Original power supplies and disks. Tablo supports 8TB USB drives. So there is no reason for two disks to store recordings. Tablo is a DVR solution. It’s not Plex.

We are not a digital hoarders. Once it’s watched it’s deleted. And I never thought the tablo power supply was designed so to use the extra USB port to charge various devices.


While I agree with that in general, mine are port forwarded and have never been heavily hit by anyone (if ever). There’s just too much low lying fruit out there to spend the day searching for random high number ports when port scanning will take many many hours. You know? Just find an exposed Windows anything, where the scans are fast and the returns are many.


I can see the value of 2 drives if Tablo had a auto backup feature.


Don’t you need an import capability before a backup capability?

If you had a spare drive you can easily take the existing drive to another computer to clone. But you can’t import the drive depending on the internal database structures.

And does tablo really want to get into backup business? Wouldn’t it be easier for them to support NAS. Then the user would have to figure out what they want.


Im not at all arguing for the case of backup support.