Just keeps getting worse

You guys make ONE DAMN THING. Can you really not focus on making that ONE THING awesome?

4 tuner model

  • no internal storage

2 tuner model

  • a crappy 64gb of storage
  • 1 usb

2 tuner model lite

  • no storage
  • 1 usb.

Am I the only person out there that uses one of the USB ports to power my antenna ? If I am then: bad me.
If not, you can clearly see the problem.

Give me a product line like this:

2 tuner - 128GB - 2 usb
2 tuner - 256GB - 2 usb
4 tuner - 128GB - 2 usb
4 tuner - 256GB - 2 usb

And so forth. Start with one solid entry device and go up, not these fragmented undercut garbage models.
Have a philosophy of “We want to make the best products” instead of “We are the only one really doing it this way so we can get away with whatever”

Also, fix the guide that I paid you a lifetime subscription for. I have a few channels with literally no show information.

I assume you are talking about internal storage.

And if so, doesn’t the memory cost go up quite a bit per doubling of the amount of internal memory. At which point 256GB of internal memory costs more then a 2-4 GB of external USB hard drive.

Yes, you’re the only person using the USB to power your antenna. And internal storage is a waste, because you can’t upgrade it.

Have you actually submitted a support ticket with the details of the guide data you’re missing?


I think there can be a plethora of configuration requests. Everybody is different. Not sure I’d be terribly upset that there isn’t just one (expensive) all-you-need Tablo. If there was, I’d want something with 8 tuners, open OS, configurable storage (be that local or remote) and EPG options.


I did have the second USB powering my Antenna amp at first but the more I thought about it the less I thought that was a good idea.

While technically it should be able to handle it, why add the extra power consumption, the extra load on the Power supply and the extra heat created when I could just as easily plug the amp up to its own dedicated supply.

To each their own and I am sure many are using it for various things from amps to cooling fans but since Tablo never supported a second HDD since that feature request never bubbled to the top, I think it makes sense that future models would only have the one port.

The main reason they introduce other models isn’t because they are the only ones doing it and can do it however they want, but exactly the opposite, competitors are starting to pop up so they need to find ways to be competitive on price. Yet another reason to keep internal memory down and usb ports to 1.


You forgot the OG Tablo, the first Dual tuner with no internal storage. OG from May 2014 still going awesome here.

I like the external storage, in that time I upgraded from 350 GB to 1 TB. I also upgraded the OTA antenna many times to finally one which has its own preamplifier that must be plugged into an electrical wall outlet.

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The Tablo just keeps getting better, not worse. It is smaller, cheaper, and very likely has better thermals to keep it cool. One USB port is all it needs anyway. The AC networking is a nice touch as well.

There is absolutely no need to have multiple internal storage options on a Tablo since a large majority of users will get an external drive anyway.

The only mistake that I think is being made is Tablo Cloud storage. I just don’t see any benefit from it if it costs extra to the consumer. I think uneducated consumers will try it out, balk at the cost, and then get upset that all the recordings in the trial period are going away. But maybe there is some secret benefit to Tablo Cloud storage that I am not getting.


Removes the need for Tablo Remote Connect for remotely viewing recordings.
I bet the Tablo Cloud Servers have higher upload bandwidth than most users, too.

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I LIKE the dual USB ports. 1 for the Hard Drive + 1 for the laptop fan I put under the unit for cooling purposes. After having the 4 tuner unit for about a month (about 2-3 years ago), the addition of the laptop fan increased the reliability of the unit in my opinion.


I would bet the new unit passively cools a lot better than the OG Tablo.

Does it though? The recordings are still recorded at a certain quality setting, so if you are trying to watch a recording remotely and have limited download speeds, wouldn’t you have to transcode it again via Tablo Connect? And wouldn’t that have to go through your home-based Tablo?

I just imagine a lot of data being moved back and forth between your Tablo, the internet, and your client, slowing down the whole experience noticeably, as well as using a lot of data on your home data plan.

I really want to see the data path for Tablo Cloud both on the home network and remotely (at full quality and at a transcoded quality).

We’ll have a LOT more details on that when we go live.

Stay tuned.


I bet it does too.

But, I also use the fan to cool the external usb hard drive and my 1st gen Fire TV box. I also have another fan in a different room to cool my 2nd gen Fire TV box & my Xbox One external hard drive. Killing several birds with one stone, so to speak. I also have a spare just in case one craps out on me.

I guess you can say I don’t trust passively cooled computers/peripherals.

Excellent point.
I didn’t think about the unmatching quality levels triggering transcoding.
This will be interesting.

Yea dont power your antenna with the tablo’s usb ports for a variety of reasons… just use a dedicated USB supply…

Why would you want non upgradable/non-replaceable internal storage, case example, I accidentally dropped my USB hard drive, damaging it, while I was annoyed because of what I did, replacing it was trivial, just got a new usb drive and I was back in business… if it was internal I would have to crack the unit voiding any warranty I had etc… no bad having it inside … also I can choose my own capacity etc…

I can’t say I agree with any of your points.

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mic drop

Congratulations, I’m sure they made that change entirely because of you. :slight_smile: /s

In seriousness, it’s more options, so it’s win-win for everyone.

Of course they didn’t… but at least i know now I’m not crazy for my first post. I’ll definitely be upgrading. Wish there was a release date.

Although one really important thing is missing I wish it had. A Clock

An overlayed time display, while watching Live TV or recording?
Yeah, I’d love that, as well.
For now, I just press the pause button, which does display the current time.

Or is he referring to a physical display on the front of the unit? Like a VCR throwback. :wink: