Just installed a Tablo-2

I just installed my Tablo 2 with a WD Elements 1 TB, with my Amazon Fire. The antenna is a clearstream 4v on a fifteen foot pole.The router is an Asus ac66u. If everything goes to plans I will call Directv and tell them time for a divorce!

Nice antenna!

My only recommendation is you should have gone with a quad tuner. I bought mine when the quad wasn’t available yet, my only regret.

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Should I leave the Tablo and hard drive on through the night

I haven’t shut off my Tablo since I got it (eighteen months ago). You want it to run all night so that you can get TV directory updates.

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Yes it does daily maintenance overnight so don’t turn it off.

This Wednesday morning Tabloid is updating software.

What happens if I was recording a show when update started downloading?

Do you mean your Tablo notified you there was a firmware update, and you chose to update it now?
Currently recordings will stop, and restart after the Tablo reboots, which is the last step in updating its firmware.

Thanks,I am new to Tablo,the show I was recording was just to checkout system

From my understanding, the daily overnight maintenance shouldn’t interrupt a recording though.

We’ll find out tomorrow, cuz I scheduled recordings across my Tablo’s maintenance window.

How do you know the exact maintenance window time?

I don’t think you will find the guide update to overlap the maintenance window. And it’s not clear how often the maintenance window occurs.

Even the guide update time shifts. I have 2 tablos and for a long time time the guide update time was 3am on both. Now one is 3am and the other is 4am.

But I would bet it starts on an even hour. I’ve seen one of my tablos wake up at exactly 2AM, have a bunch of activity, and reboot.

LED blinks.
Mine does that around 4AM.
I know, I know, I should be asleep.

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I was watching tv and a message came up on the screen, I click ok and Tabloid started update. This was about 8:30am

I just move the Tablo from bedroom to the study on top of computer desk three feet from my Asus router

If it’s 3 feet from the router, why not hard wire it to the router?

I was thinking about that also, only had the Tablo since Monday. Trying to get everything set up

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I have a 2010 sony bravia tv in my study my ( 30 year award,retired now) it has no apps, so I take it is useless with fire tv and Tablo

I purchased a Sony “Smart” tv in 2014, and a dead cat has more smarts. It just crashed all the time so I gave up on it - absolutely zero support from Sony and many complaints… So I wouldn’t hold out any hope for your 2010 model, mate.