Just checking in

So how’s the overall Tablo situation/experience going? I went with Tivo, but they’ve been having serious blue spinning circle issues (think M$ BSOD type behavior).

All I want is a reliable OTA DVR. That must be a lot harder than I thought. I see quite a few negative posts here, but of course, the problems will be more evident than the overall state of things.


Which TiVo box do you have?

There are some new playback devices where people are very happy with the guide and playback responsiveness. These are the Apple TV and Xiaomi Mi box (powerful yet affordable Android box).

it’s pretty good. Tablo has a couple issues I wish they would resolve (DD5.1, keep only X number of episodes) but otherwise it’s been reliable and an overall positive experience for me. I read in the forums about firmware update issues but I’ve yet to experience anything myself. I’m still happy with mine.

All is awesome here, run two 4 Tuner Tablos at two locations.

I do wish the tuners were a bit stronger and as said above, two highly wanted features are missing (Dolby 5.1 and Keep X episodes), but otherwise life is awesome!

I run them across various models of Rokus and while the previous Roku firmware versions have had issues, currently they are very stable for me.

If I was starting fresh though I would likely either go with the Mi (Android) boxes and/or the NVidia Shield just because they have had less problems in the past (and I really don’t have a lot of confidence in Roku not back tracking eventually).

It’s been fairly stable for me since firmware 2.2.11 (beta). Now on 2.2.12 and still good. The 2.2.9/2.2.10 version was causing reboots.

The client on ShieldTv has been fairly stable other than the last few days where it has been crashing while closed (get the Android notice it has stopped).

So overall it has been quite usable, but we still get odd quirks in some updates. Added features are still being developed and slowly released. I prefer the slow and working to the fast and buggy.

My experience has been really positive, and I’ve had my 4 tuner for about 18 months. My experience with Apple TV has been better than Roku, although the latest updates on both Roku and Tablo have been very stable. I wouldn’t leave Tablo now - I have my Tablo hardwired to the router, and the router is connected through power line adapters to the Roku 3s (2 each) and Apple TV (1 each).

I have the Tivo Roamio OTA. Probably not of much interest here, but the Tivo community boards have been going nuts with this blue circle thing. Speculation is that the recent Tivo buyout has led to some changes. While I didn’t know it before, it seems the Tivo tries to send every user selection to their servers in real time and again, speculation is that the Tivo servers aren’t up to the task. It has to be on the Tivo end as many have reported physically disconnecting the box from the internet (i.e., pulling the ethernet cable) fixes the blue circle delay. Nice fix, eh? :smirk:

I’m a little concerned about tuner sensitivity as the Roamio gets one channel that is borderline (for Tivo users that would be a 50 on the strength scale which means right at the edge). Does anyone know if Tablo and Tivo use a similar tuner? I would be ok with that, but if the tuner is weaker, I would probably lose that channel.

We are having pretty good luck here. Running at two houses via all wireless, so a few challenges getting things set. Netgear NightHawk X4s at one location and Apple Airport Extreme at the other.

Spending a little extra time on Antenna setup was worth every minute. Recording quality benefits dramatically from a properly aimed antenna.

Maybe just me, but I have founf the Guide Updating to be quite a bandwidth hog

Thanks. It seems Tivo finally fixed the problem, at least for now. I’m keeping Tablo in mind though, if Tivo keeps screwing with people I like knowing options.

You’ll have better luck with Tivo and i’ll leave it at that.

IMO, the best thing about Tablo that Tivo can’t touch is wirelessly watching live tv on connected devices. The Apple TV has been the best experience so far, but is far from perfect.