Just a hard drive rant. Love the tablo, but I lost a faithful friend today

I have read the “True and tested” blog that gives hard drive recommendations.

I am going to just pick up a WD and toss it on there. It’s a loss of $50, but I have to try something. I want to subscribe and get full use of this beautiful contraption I want to love, but can’t…yet.

As with all new technology, there are kinks. I get that, but I am burying my 2nd hard drive in under a year. The most recent lasted a while, but man, it was as tough as it comes. Almost 5 year old HDD and Tablo ate it up like it was nachos. Mmmmm. Nachos.

The first hard drive was my fault. I’m an idiot and had won a free 256GB SSD portable and it not only didn’t work for Tablo at all, it also imploded my SSD in the process of trying. That one was on me.

I want to buy the lifetime subscription for the guide. I can’t do that until I am assured this thing is going to work! :confounded:

So, with that said. Am I safe with the purchase of the Western Digital Elements Hard Drive.

Model Number: WDBUZG0010BBK-WESN

Let me know so I can get on with my life and get the full benefit of this masterful device you have created for me.

I seriously love your product and have made great strides in advancing my revolution against the cable companies using your product. But with the passing of my two terabyte Seagate named Wilma today, you have left a void in my heart I shall never fill.

Carry on.

Go to Costco and buy the 2TB seagate portable drive for ~$69. Mine has been running for over 3 years on Tablo with NO problemss.

A moment of silence for Wilma…
Okay, I have the 2TB version of that drive you mentioned, and it works great.

I have had three 2 TB Seagate drives fail on me ( in my PCs; not my Tablo).

I plan to stick with Western Digital drives from now on.

Like anything else electronic, it can be the Luck of the Draw. I concede some drives can last indefinitely but others seem doomed from birth.

Western Digital Elements (portable) drives have been great for me so far.

Agreed. I use WD Elements drives on my Tablo and Shield TV and a WD MyCloud NAS.

I have the exact same model (WDBUZG0010BBK-WESN) and have no complaints, issues. I’m going to have to clean a bunch of stuff off we’ll probably never watch. Also plan to use Tablo ripper to avoid losing stuff I want to keep.

I think the WD should be a fine drive. I almost got one for my tablo, use them in my computer. I ended up with the 1T toshiba because it was on sale. It has been working for me since Feb when I set up the tablo.

by the way sad to hear about your hard drive.