Jumping back to channel list on Roku

I had an observation after hooking up and playing around with my new Tablo that I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced or if I should continue troubleshooting.

Tablo had shows set to record starting at 6:30 am.
Tablo started the recording as normal.
Turned on TV/Roku at 6:45 am and tuned to the same channel that was recording while it was in progress.
A few minutes after the show ended, my Roku suddenly went back to the channel list like it detuned the channel.

This led me to wonder, does the Tablo scheduler override manual tuning of a channel so if you are watching the live feed and a recording ends, will the Tablo scheduler detune the channel?  It was a simple task to just click ok again and tune back in but I am going to be doing some tests like this to ensure it will pass the wife test before I cancel the cable account.

Thanks for the awesome product!

It won’t (or at least it shouldn’t) detune the channel, and you can verify that by clicking on that channel again. If it comes back immediately (within 1 sec), then it is still tuned.  If if it took 10-20 seconds, then it had tune it again.

It’s been a little while since I was watching a channel live on my Roku that was being recorded, but I don’t remember it ever going back to the channel list on its own.  I will look at it tonight as well to see.

@COglesby21 Good question! Basically, the Tablo will ‘end’ the video player’s session if you’ve selected a specific show from the Live TV screen. e.g If you tap on the ‘Morning news’ which plays from 8-9, the player will stop at 9. 

If, however you tap on the call sign (the channel itself, e.g 2-1), just to the left of the program name, it won’t end the video session once the program has finished. It will just play indefinitely. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

On my Roku 3, it has jumped back to Channel List after watching a channel selected from the Channel List.
Not sure if it was being recorded at the time. Reminded me of Aereo.......All Hail Tablo!

After almost 2 weeks of 100% use of my Tablo instead of cable I can confirm that it does go back to the channel list after a recording ends where on my old DVR’s they would just pop up a Recording has finished notification on screen.  Not a big deal just wanted everyone to know it happens every time for me if you wanted to try and test these scenarios below.

Example 1:
- Show set to record at 6:00am and starts as normal
- Tune into channel live at any time after recording starts.  This is instant since Tablo is already tuned to the channel for recording.
- Recording set to end after show ends at 6:30.  Around 6:35am the Tablo on Roku will go back to the channel list.

Example 2:
- 2 Shows set to record at 6:00am and 6:30am on the same channel and starts as normal.
- Tune into channel live at any time after first recording starts say 6:15am.  Again this will be instant.
- Recording of show 1 ends and show 2 starts at 6:30am.  Roku will stay on live feed even after show 1 ends.  My guess is because it’s still recording content from that channel
- Show 2 ends at 7:00am and the Tablo on Roku will go back to the channel list at around 7:05am and you will have to retune the channel.

It does appear to detune my channel because when I go back to the channel again it takes 15-20 seconds to reconnect to the live stream.

@TabloSupport, I understand what you were referring to but on Roku you can’t pick the program or channel unfortunately. 

Still absolutely loving my Tablo.  I have already turned several friends onto the idea and they are exploring whether to cancel their cable/satellite subscriptions too.

I have not yet tested or confirmed if this behavior is the same on the Plex Tablo Channel.

@COglesby21 I hear you - we’ve got some exciting changes coming to the Roku app that we’re very excited about. There’s always more in the pipeline.