I've just about had it with this piece of junk (old thread)

@tablotv These are the bulbs from Home Depot that I bought in 2010 when LED bulbs were just coming out they have since changed the design of these bulbs.


I will also mention that I discovered this issue when my tablo was still in preorder just having the antenna hooked to the TV. I also went through 3 antennas before discovering the light bulb problem. TV would work fine all day, then in the evening when my wife got home from work all of a sudden the TV stopped working. finally made the connection that she was turning the lights on when she got home and the TV would go out.

Sounds like the FCC needs to be notified too.

@tablotv I did a little digging on Google and I found it, this is the bulb I was having trouble with same packaging and everything.


@mb190e - Thanks! We’ll see if we can get our hands on some of these! 

@tablotv Where would you like me to send a couple of them?

I’d be curious if a “decent” aka not a cheap Surge supressing power strip (one that specifically states it filters RF interference) (Im talking the $50+ kind here folks not the $5 dollar store kind) … would clear up the line noise.

like a TRIPP LITE brand

@ericgus funny you should mention that… I have the tablo plugged into a tripp lite avr ups. Both the light and UPS are plugged into the outlet.  The tripp lite is not the $500 kind, but I didn’t skimp on it either.  I used to live in a place with bad power and learned the hard way to get good ups’s to protect my equipment.  So, I don’t think it filters this out, if the bulb is the culprit.
I turned the led bulb off, and watched a couple of shows today without any problems.  Time will tell.
@tablotv, the bulb in question is probably 4 or 5 years old.  I got it when they first came out.  I can also send it to you for testing.  Just send me an address and I’ll box it up and send it to you.

the other thing that might be different is my TABLO is directly plugged into the network via a physical LAN cable … I don’t use wifi out from the TABLO itself.  One of my three ROKU’s is also hard-wired and doesn’t use wifi … (but I have not had a problem on any of those devices).

the other thing that might be different is my TABLO is directly plugged into the network via a physical LAN cable .. I don't use wifi out from the TABLO itself.  One of my three ROKU's is also hard-wired and doesn't use wifi .. (but I have not had a problem on any of those devices).

Same here tablo and appletv connected with ethernet cable into the back of the router.

Would like to apologize to the OP @virtualuk for hijacking your thread not sure if you ever got your micro blocking problem figured out.

@tablotv - the led bulb was from home depot.  It was a normal light buld, not a pot light kind.

@mattp - Awesome! Thanks! Send a note to support@tablotv.com and we’ll arrange for the shipping. I can’t wait to go all Mythbusters on this. 

@mattp I guess @tablotv doesn’t want my RF interference led lightbulbs. [-(

Sorry @mb190e - I missed you volunteering to send us some too! We have one in the office now, but a few different models would be great. Get in touch with @TabloSupport and we’ll get you the info for shipping too.

@mb190e Ah! Sorry that I missed this too. Just echo’ing here but you can get me directly here.

I wonder if its RF via the antenna or RF via the powerline that might be the issue (or maybe both) … ??

@mb190e no worries, as long as everything is moving the Tablo in the right direction then it’s all good :wink:

@tablotv - do you want more led light bulbs?

I was having a lot of issues with DVR recordings (Not TabloTV, another DVR) and didn’t realize it was the LED bulb in the room causing the majority of the issues until I read this thread last week. So thanks for being that up. :)  TabloTV is still not my primary DVR, but I’m watching these forums to know when I should pop it into place.

@HowHardCanItBe - We’re good but thanks! One of our engineers even saw the same thing in his own home.

We’ll be doing a blog post on it in the coming weeks as a heads-up for everyone. 

FYI - The Tablo is not the only device messed up by LED light bulbs. Google “garage door openers and led light bulbs” and you can read for hours. The test is simple - turn off all LED light bulbs and see if things work better.

How do I know about this? Painful experience. Summary of 2 weeks worth of diagnostics: With LED lights on, standing right outside the door, remote would not operate the door. LED lights off? Worked fine 75 feet away - end of driveway and across the street. Fix: Replaced Home Depot Ecosmart LED bulbs with Costco Feit LED bulbs. No problems anymore.

Reason for problem: All LED bulbs have little power converters inside the bases. Poorly designed units radiate RF into the air and into the power lines too. Well-designed units minimize this problem. Most of the time, but not always, more expensive LED light bulbs will have better power converters.

Who knew that EE degree would come in handy someday?

Hope this is useful!