I've just about had it with this piece of junk (old thread)

Yup, and I’ve just tried Tablo Connect again.  It seems to be consistently working from my browser both on the same network and remotely, but for whatever reason my HTC One phone seems to have the black screen with no video.

I had the same issue with htc one. It depends on the version of android. It started working once I got 4.4.4 update. And if you are in sprint then you need to remove the dns entry to sprint too. You can search the web to see how to remove that.

@girimurthy - Same phone, same browser, etc. with the previous Tablo unit worked fine but not with this new model :frowning:

So I wanted to follow up on this thread because it’s been a while, I’ve been away on vacation and on the road for work.

After the receiving the replacement box things have been pretty good.  There’s only a couple of (minor) niggles that there are right now, and I’m happy to report that the overwhelming majority of things seem to be working fine.  

One issue is that on the edit channel lineup screen I have duplicate channels showing up.  They don’t show up on any of the regular channel lineups, just the edit channel lineup screen so given that I have no need to edit the channel lineup again it’s not really a major issue.

The other issue I found was I tried using Tablo Connect on Chrome from my phone and found that it wouldn’t play.  I later figured out that if you’re like me and you have a whole bunch of tabs open in Chrome and you happen to already have Tablo Connect open in another tab then play out doesn’t occur (, in either tab).

My trial subscription was up tonight, which also happened to be the night when my Tablo told me it was time to update software.  I did the update and instantly started to get macroblocking on my Roku Tablo live channel after the upgrade (which was odd given that it was on an SD channel and all my channels have full 5 point signal strength and I’d been watching the same channel leading up to the update for the last 3/4 hour without any issues and I can’t think of any significant macroblocking issues before).  The macroblocking continued for 5 minutes until I came out of Tablo, when I came back the macroblocking stopped.  I was ready to commit to the lifetime subscription, and the macroblocking directly after the upgrade may have just been a coincidence (I’ve been running live channel for a lil bit tonight afterwards and no further macroblocking issues), but it was enough to spook me not to get the lifetime subscription and get a monthly subscription to see how it goes.  Also hoping that the Roku interface is improved soon too, that would be a big influence in signing up for the lifetime subscription.

All through the issues, tech support has been really helpful and I can say that I was genuinely pleased with how things have gone so far.  The replacement unit continues to be a hell of a lot cooler than what the original unit was (which I could barely touch it was that hot), I’d say the new unit is just as warm as any other piece of AV equipment I own if not cooler.

We’ll see how this next month goes to see if Tablo will have won me as a lifetime subscriber or not.

@virtualuk  – glad to hear the replacement fixed things…

the macroblocking can be weather related … or say wind blowing trees (yea I know but you forget about these things that were non-issues with cable… the only downside) … if you are still getting macroblocking (which I think everyone gets occasionally unless you are very close or in a “Sweet spot” transmitter wise… you might consider getting a better antenna (and or using a pre-amp) which will go a long way to fixing that… (also making sure its oriented correctly helps too)… I would say getting it oriented right is the hardest thing (something if I had to do things over again , I would actually seriously think to pay a professional to do). (I live 40+ miles away from our transmitter area so weather can do weird things for me)

I hear ya ericgus, but timing of the macroblocking (immediately after the update to the point of restarting the Roku channel) was somewhat dubious.  No significant weather to report of here, and we’ve had far worse weather conditions since purchasing the unit and I would say all prior macroblocking probably happened less than a handful of times for a fraction of a second affecting just a tiny portion of the screen whereas this was continual macroblocking across about 1/3-1/2 of the screen for 5 minutes without a break.  So far though, after restarting no other occurrences of macroblocking tonight.  I’m getting perfect picture on 30+ (english) channels, full strength and antenna oriented for maximum channel count.  I’m going to write it off as being some form of anomaly that occurred post update seeing as it doesn’t seem to be happening any more.

Well after having no macroblocking last night, seems like it’s back again today.  Can’t blame it on any weather conditions, perfect cloudless, windless 80F in our region today.  Never had any macroblocking of this magnitude before the firmware update :frowning:

Bad/loose antenna wire/connector?

LED light bulbs?

@Virtualuk Very weird - and I know @ericgus already covered this, and the timing does seem weird, but pixelated video/macroblocking as you described as only manifested itself due to reception issues. 

Remember that if the signal is weak, very intermittent things effect it. Clouds passing, signals bouncing off the bay, etc. 

I upgraded to the latest FW version 2.1.18 and can confirm that AFTER upgrading there is an immediate pixelation problem. Before the upgrade I had no issues whatsoever, after the upgrade it was horrible. A few reboots later the issue was still occurring. I then disconnected my hard drive while Tablo was running and the problem went away. I waited for 5 minutes and reconnected my hard drive while Tablo was running. After the drive was discovered again by Tablo the issue is NOT happening anymore so I’m OK as I was before the upgrade. My schedules are still working and recordings are happening so all is good but the user experience after the upgrade was pretty bad.

@TabloSupport – In my opinion this has nothing to do with clouds or weather but ONLY with the upgrade procedure as the issue is directly linked with the upgrade and happening right after the upgrade.

@TabloSupport + @ericgus - perfect weather here yesterday (and today for that matter), no lose connections, there was no macroblocking for the duration of time leading up to the update on the same channel and then as soon as I fired back up on the same channel that’s when it started.  Luckily it’s not doing it all the time, but when it does it it seems like it happens for as long as I’m watching that channel and if I switch channels and come back it goes away.  It’s happened for 3 times now for 5+ minutes for each duration.  Definitely doesn’t seem like a reception issue if I can make it go away by tuning away and back again to the channel.  No instances of it happening today, but will keep an eye out for it.

Those are the only things I can think of . … I am not personally experiencing those problems (and I don’t think the majority of people are either) so I can only surmise its something unique to your devices/home/recption/location thats the root cause of the issue.

LED light bulbs?

Thank you for suggesting that @mb190e.  I have an LED light bulb in an irregularly used lamp in the same room as the TV and Tablo.  I did a test and turned the lamp on and it had an IMMEDIATE effect that totally killed the signal for both the TV and the Tablo.

Needless to say, I have replaced that LED bulb with a twisty bulb.  I never would have suspected that a light bulb could disrupt the antenna signal. :confused:

Funny thing about those HomeDepot LED’s is I got a bunch here at the house… the one nearest the TABLO is not one of those but a Phillips LED…  Also I was thinking you could have a noisy PS on the hard drive if its externally powered and/or their could be RF interference from the neighboors … (possibly a filter on the antenna into the tablo could help) … 

{im just thinking of things here… nothing specific}
LED light bulbs?

Thank you for suggesting that @mb190e.  I have an LED light bulb in an irregularly used lamp in the same room as the TV and Tablo.  I did a test and turned the lamp on and it had an IMMEDIATE effect that totally killed the signal for both the TV and the Tablo.

Needless to say, I have replaced that LED bulb with a twisty bulb.  I never would have suspected that a light bulb could disrupt the antenna signal. :confused:

This is very interesting, have others seen this issue?

My wife and I were discussing this very thing…We have an led light plugged into the same outlet as the Tablo.  I will try replacing the bulb and see if that fixes the problem.  Thank you @mb190e.
We are very close to the towers and I’ve got a good antenna.
Just out of curiosity, is there sort of inline filter that could be installed that would prevent this?  Everything does seem to be moving to led…

I’d be curious if a “decent” aka not a cheap Surge supressing power strip (one that specifically states it filters RF interference) (Im talking the $50+ kind here folks not the $5 dollar store kind) … would clear up the line noise.

like a TRIPP LITE brand


I had six offending bulbs some were in lamps, mostly in wall sconces, ceiling fan and overhead lights. I bought some new cree bulbs to replace them and they work fine.

@HowHardCanItBe and @mb190e - Do you happen to know the make/model of these lightbulbs? We’d like to do some testing.