It's a perfect fall night

I don’t get it. It’s a perfect fall night. Partly cloudy, 48 degrees I’ve got all greens on my channel scan yet every channel has a digital skip/breakup/audio dropout. Can’t got 30 seconds without a few. This afternoon it was fine. And it probably will be again in a few hours.

Connect your antenna to your TV and see if it continues.

Maybe the amplifier power supply for your antenna is dead or your antenna moved.

It was slightly better with the direct to the tv connection. The Tablo 4 way split makes it seem worse than it actually is directly to the one tuner on the tv. And then an hour later it’s all fine and dandy again. These odd spurts of problems for no reason are just silly sometimes.

@SAndrews10 In the spring and fall, something called temperature inversion can cause issues with OTA signal propagation.

Temperature inversions occur most frequently along coastal areas bordering large bodies of water. This is the result of natural onshore movement of cool, humid air shortly after sunset when the ground air cools more quickly than the upper air layers. The same action may take place in the morning when the rising sun warms the upper layers.