It worked until it did not

I am not having a good week. My cat is very sick and now my Tablo Quad(a month after warranty expiration) has gone bananas.It is connected via ethernet. It has a WD Blue 1 TB ssd drive installed . I used to use a 2TB external . With both drives I would notice that I would be watching a program and all of a sudden the channel would be an hour behind.Only way to correct the issue was to go to Live TV menu and re select channel. Last night I was watching a previously recorded show and it froze. At this point I took out my iphone and started recording various scenarios. As of this morning I cannot access Tablo from anything on my network so I am thinking this is a Tablo issue as opposed to a hard drive one but I welcome your feedback.

Can you physically check if the Tablo DVR is still on (blue light on)?

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to reboot your router first and then your Tablo DVR.

I think it is network. I am going from my router to network over power adapter to another room. The signal comes out and goes to a switch before the Tablo. So I will eliminate the switch and go out of the network adapter I know my router modem works because my main computer is wired and working fine.

How does playback behave from the Main Computer? What type of playback device do you use and is it wired or wireless?

Have you rebooted the power line adapters?

If you are using AV1 powerline adapters almost all manufactures used the same actual powerline chip. While the various powerline utilities all showed the maximum or large possible throughput the actual output from it’s ethernet port could fall to 10 Mbps.

While for tablo this usually results in pixelation who knows what other side affects can occur.

Since my tablos record at 720p I didn’t see the drop in ethernet until the repack. Two of the stations installed new transmitters and other equipment and their over the air went to 13.5 Mbps. Since my hdhomerun is basically pass through all I started to get from my hdhomerun app was pixelation and dropped channels.

Powerline adapter appears to be dead.Going to try rebooting it when I can.

The power line adapter was replaced. It worked but with large buffering. I connected the Tablo to main router/modem with cable. Same buffering issue. It connected via wifi but it gave me the same grief. Rebooted the modem router and everything is ducky. I hope. Recoded shows play fine. Fingers and toes crossed.

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