It takes ages for the TV guide to show up


I’m in NYC, and we’ve got plenty of channels. It takes close to eternity for the app to load the channel data on 2.2.8. Any suggestions other than the obvious removal of channels?

The more channels you have the slower the Tablo moves. If I select all the channels possible that my Tablo detects the guide download takes hours, the roku app is sluggish, I have to reduce the maximum recording quality I can select in order to perform multiple simultaneous operations (watch live TV, record another channel, and sync a device), and generally operational performance suffers.

I also found that wifi being involved anywhere in the communication between app and tablo only adds to my woes.

Which playback device? Get a NVIDIA Shield, speedy guide.

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It’s the same slow thing on my Shield TV, Amazon FireTv v2, and Nexus 6. I wonder whether it needs to spin up the disk to actually pull that data.

Just curious - how many channels are in your guide?

@Adam_Polkosnik Nope, doesn’t need to spin up the disk. I’m also curious though: how many channels are in the guide?

Just to add my $.02, I see reasonable performance with 24 channels in the guide, but when I allow all 43 available channels I also saw significant performance problems. I did this test on a Gen 1 Amazon Fire TV, not sure if these numbers are the same on my Roku 2.

2-1 WCBS-HD 1080i
2-2 DECADES 480i
4-1 WNBC 1080i
4-2 COZI-TV 480i
5-1 WNYW 720p
5-2 Movies! 480i
7-1 WABC-HD 720p
7-2 LivWell 720p
7-3 LAFF 480i
9-1 WWOR-TV 720p
9-3 Buzzr 480i
11-1 PIX11 1080i
11-2 Antenna 480i
11-3 ThisTV 480i
13-1 WNET-HD 1080i
13-2 KIDS 480i
13-3 V-Me 480i
17-1 UAN 480i
17-3 GCN 480i
23-1 ZUUS 480i
23-2 SS-TV 480i
23-3 SWPNJ 480i
23-4 SAB-TV 480i
24-1 WASA-HD 720p
24-2 ICNCH 480i
24-3 WASA.3 480i
24-5 WASA.5 480i
25-1 NYLIFE 1080i
25-3 CUNY 720p
25-2 NYGOV 480i
31-2 qubo 480i
31-3 IONLife 480i
31-1 ION 720p
32-1 CCTVNe 480i
32-2 CCTV4 480i
32-3 CCTVSP 480i
32-4 WXNY-LD 480i
34-2 WPXO-D2 720p
34-1 WPXO-D1 720p
41-1 WXTV-DT 1080i
41-2 WFUT-DT 1080i
41-3 Bounce 480i
41-4 GRIT 480i
42-1 IQRA 480i
42-2 DAYSTAR 480i
42-3 PEACETV 480i
42-5 SONLIFE 480i
42-6 WKOB-LD 480i
42-7 RETRO 480i
42-8 ONTV4U 480i
46-1 BizTV 480i
46-2 Hope 480i
46-3 WMBQ3 480i
46-4 WMBQ4 480i
47-1 WNJU-HD 1080i
47-2 TeleX 480i
50-1 WNJN 1080i
51-1 BuenaTV 480i
51-2 LATV 480i
51-3 CTVN 480i
51-4 TLR 480i
60-1 W41DO-D 480i
63-1 WMBCDT 480i
63-2 CGN-TV 480i
63-5 NTDTV 480i
63-6 Azteca 480i
63-7 Aliento 480i
68-1 WFUT-DT 1080i
68-2 WXTV-DT 1080i
68-3 GetTV 480i
68-4 ESC

Tablo Support may have gathered info on this, but it appears that you have an unusually high number of channels in your guide. My guess would be that many users get at least that many channels but have somewhere bewtween 10-20 in their guide. I think Tablo (and other users) will confirm that it is the number of channels in the guide that makes it perform so slowly.

@TabloSupport Notice channel 25 and other subs above. They are the out of order one for this poster.

The reason for this is that some of the lesser known channels have some good content, and I don’t want to miss out on that. If I were in some place that has 3 channels I wouldn’t mind, but the reality is that there are that many channels, and I would hate to tell my spouse that I had to remove any channels from the lineup, especially when we can hook up 8TB drives. In any event, it looks like an issue with design and/or implementation.

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