Issues with Live TV only

Before I hooked up the Tablo and had my antenna hooked up directly I had no issues watching TV. Now that I’ve hooked up my Tablo it will have to buffer every two min or so and will freeze up while the audio keeps going then will auto unfreeze after about 5 seconds. Would a preamp fix this issue and if so any recommendations? I will also say the antenna is in my attic and it is 30’ or a little more of coax. The antenna I’m using is a “Outdoor Digital TV HDTV Antenna DB8 Multi Directional.” 

And here is my TV Fool report.

Buffering (in the true sense) would not be caused by a weak signal. Picture freezing up or pixellating would. If recordings work ok, but live TV does not, it doesnt make sense, since a weak signal would cause problems creating the recordings.

I seem to be having the same problem here and my wife is about ready to throw the tablo out the window. She is very frustrated by it. I may put a splitter in and use the tablo for recording and have the live feed go straight to the TV. Hopefully, a solution will present itself.

@Catinton What device are you watching your Tablo with (Roku, Web Client, iPad, etc)?  Is it hardwired ethernet or wireless?  Is your Tablo hardwired or wireless?

What you describe is not an antenna/reception issue, but a connection between the Tablo and watching device (Roku, etc) issue.  
If using wireless, a good debugging test would be to put both Tablo and watching device on a wired network connection, and see if you have the same problem.

@Catinton As noted by @douc405  buffering isn’t usually a symptom of a signal issue, but rather a network issue. Adding Ethernet and changing your recording quality will typically improve performance. I’m pretty sure we’re in touch now, but feel free to send me a note if you’d like any more details.