Issues with last update

I have (2) Tablos. They worked perfectly without any issue until I think the last update. Now one of them when I pick something on the guide (live view) it allows me to pick it and then just goes back to the guide. I can’t access anything on the live guide.

Neither of them will stay connected, I will be watching something and then it looses connection, I end up power cycling both of them for the above problems and that doesn’t fix either one of them.

I have my old TIVOs right beside them and they seem to work as they always did.

Anyone elese having any issues with your Tablos? I am not sure what happened but they seem to be near worthless now since they don’t work.

They went from perfect to not even functioning.

Since I have two and they both have similar issues…that is what I think it was a firmware update the corrupted both of them?

Any thoughts or opinions?


BTW, I reported this to support and got NO response. What has happened to the support from Tablo?

Hi there, our team would be happy to investigate this for you. I’ve checked our end on support, and the last ticket we had from you was in April of last year - did you send our team a ticket from a different email address?

Don’t hesitate to give us a call (1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688) directly if that’s easier - our lines will be open in 10 minutes. If not, please try sending our team a ticket when you have a chance and we’ll take a look.