Issues downloading the guide data

This started just before the update to 2.2.6, where I noticed that the guide had last been updated a couple of days ago. So I clicked on Update Now and the guide downloaded normally. The next day, I noticed that the guide was trying to download, and was stuck at 0%, and ended up rebooting Tablo to get it out of that mode. It looks like that’s been happening for the past several days now. I wonder if this could be an issue with the server used by the guide provider, where maybe it’s overloaded and can’t download to Tablo for some reason, and Tablo gets stuck waiting?

So I wonder about 2 things… first, has anyone else run into this, and second, is it necessary to reboot Tablo to get it out of the mode where it’s stuck at 0% downloading the guide data.

It may have been an issue with my channel lineup. I do remember just before the 2.2.6 upgrade, that I edited my channel list. Normally, it would automatically download the guide following an edit, but it didn’t do that, and I didn’t think much of that at the time, thinking it was a new feature if you deselect a channel from a previous scan, that Tablo won’t automatically force an update.

So on a hunch, I edited the channel list again (didn’t want to do a new scan, as I have a couple of channels that are on the verge of detection, sometimes I get them and sometimes I don’t, and they’re not coming in this morning and I didn’t want to lose them) and Tablo immediately downloaded the guide. I’m hoping that will fix my problem and that when I check tomorrow morning, that the guide will have downloaded by itself overnight.

I also have an issue with Guide data. Since the firmware update to 2.2.6 it always reports “updated 3 days ago”. Even after I force an update in the web app (which appears to be working). Really strange.

Hey folks - If there is a channel in your lineup that has stopped broadcasting it can lead to this erroneous message. Tablo reports the last time ALL channels were updated so if there’s no data for the channel that’s now off the air, it can get reported as such.

Keep an eye on things though and let us know if that’s not the case.