Issue with unit locking up, and recordings being split

I got Tablo 4 tuner few day ago. 

An I noticed that some recordings are being split, parts could range from few seconds to 20-30 minutes. Moreover unit will lock up and would not communicate with Roku 3 players, iPad or web app. Unit could become responsive in several minutes or I would have to power cycle unit to get it back online. 

  1. Tablo 4 Tuner 2.1.20
  2. Segate Bakup Plus Slim 2 TB
  3. Alphaline powered amplified antenna connected to second USB port
  4. Netgear Powerline 200
 Seams everything I have falls under tested and reliable products. Any suggestions where to start troubleshooting issue will be greatly apprciated.      

@seza What’s your MAC (feel free to PM it to me or to send it here)?

I can take a look at your Tablo on our end to see if it’s reporting anything whacky.

I have a very similar setup (same 4-tuner, same hd) and have been having the exact same problem since setup a few days ago. My unit hasn’t been locking up, but every recording is split into multiple parts with missing gaps between. Emailed my MAC to support, hoping this can be fixed before my wife revolts!

@mef85 We’ll get you fixed up!

Well after swapping out the USB cable that came with the drive, reformatting the drive, and doing a factory reset on the Tablo, this hard drive is apparently a Tablo-killer.  When it’s hooked up I’m unable to connect to the Tablo in any way.  I’ve begrudgingly ordered the WD Elements drive and will probably find a different use for this Seagate (I have to since it’s too late to return it) but in the meantime I’m unable to use the Tablo despite shows debuting tonight that the wife needs to record.  NOT the first impression I was hoping for.

@mef85 - Sorry the Seagate didn’t work for you. We actually chatted w/ the Seagate reps at CES and are hoping to open a dialogue with their product managers about how our products can better work together. 

I left it alone for a while and it seams to work fine for time being.