Issue with Apple TV playing recording remotely

The problem I have is when I play a recording on my Apple TV Tablo app at a remote location. It will start playing for maybe 15/20 seconds and then stop. I’ve tried setting the streaming speed all the way down to 750Kbps, no help.

So you think network issue but if I play a live TV channel on the Apple TV it works just fine, even kicking the streaming speed up to 4Mbps.

I can also play live TV and recordings just fine on the same WiFi network at the same location with my iPhone without any problem. I can even use AirPlay to stream a recording from my iPhone to the Apple TV without any problem.

I’ve opened a support case with Tablo but the first level support person just keeps coming back saying it’s my network, I could understand and that response if the iPhone had issues or the Apple TV couldn’t play live TV fine using Tablo but I don’t buy that response with this problem.

Anyone out there have any thoughts on the problem? My take is that since this is a new feature that allows for Apple TV remote access, that there’s a bug in the product that needs to be squashed.

After four days of back and forth with Tablo they finally said there was a problem with playing remote recording and they’re working on it. So never mind, it wasn’t my end causing the problem.