Issue when starting playback through Roku (Starts-Stops-restarts...)

I have a small annoying item that has been occurring with my Tablo. When I start live viewing I get a brief loading bar and the playback starts then immediately it kicks back to the loading bar and starts again repeating the first second or two, then proceeds to play fine after that.

Kinda feel like Bill Murray in ground hog day, repeating the start of any play back over… and over. :slight_smile:

Minor annoyance but does effect the satisfaction level of the wife.

Known issue already discussed in this forum.  Might be fixed in the Roku update.

My apologizes. I searched and couldn’t find it posted.

No worries, I’m sure that post is buried several pages down by now.

If you uncheck “Enable Fast TV startup” under Advanced in settings it doesn’t do it.

Thanks will give that a go