Issue recording live tv

Just purchased a Tablo Quad HDMI to replace my 1 year old Network Connected Tablo Quad. Our 10 yr old smart tv died, so we bought a new Samsung. When we set the new tv up, we found that Samsung does not support Tablo, so had to purchase this HDMI model. Setup was easy and all went smoothly. Recorded my local news program. When we played it back to watch it, about 3/4 of the way through the recording, we lost the program due to a weak signal. I have always had occasional recording issues on very windy or stormy days. But today it was clear and warm, hardly any wind at all. It puzzles me why the entire program did not record. Only thing I can think of is that the station I was recording is about 40 miles away and that even though it was clear at my home, there could have been a burp in the weather in the path of the signal. Anyone else ever have this issue?

Is there a line of hills between you and the tower?
I have a group of hills between me and the group of towers and in the summer when it gets real hot, the rising thermals in the morning as the ground heats up will interfere with reception.
The hills aren’t blocking, I have perfect line of sight, but the waves of heat rising can actually cause some problems.

Is there a reason you haven’t considered using a playback device of some type on your Samsung TV? What device were you using for your network connected Tablo?

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For a fraction of the cost of an HDMI Tablo, you could have bought a streaming device:

If you were otherwise happy with the Tablo Quad (networked) you had in service. Especially if it didn’t have issues recording.

Thanks. I never gave rising thermals a thought. Lord knows it’s been very hot here. I will see if the issue persists when the weather cools down.

We already have a streaming service. That was not the problem. On our old TV we would access Tablo through their app on ROKU. When we hooked up the new tv, it worked for a day or two and then we were never able to get back to the app (or Tablo home page) no matter what we tried. I called Tablo support, and explained our problem and were told that Samsung has not supported Tablo for a long time. Apparently at one time they did, but have not for years. The Tablo tech told me it was a compatibility issue and there was nothing they could do for us. Believe me, I did not want to buy another Tablo unit if I did not have to, but everything I tried just wouldn’t work.

Was your old TV a Roku TV (several manufacturers use the Roku UI, TCL being one example)? As opposed to getting an entirely new Tablo, you could just purchase a standalone Roku player and connect it to your Samsung TV.

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Maybe you just needed a new Roku? Still cheaper/affordable, and you could stick with your working tablo.

They didn’t suggest you consider buying any of the streaming devices on the page previously linked? It may not have been ideal, but… you could have stuck with Roku wich you may have already been familiar with, just sign into your account and go.

I believe it may be possible there’s some misunderstanding somewhere here or there.

As for “smart TVs” here’s some points to consider… which you may have found out the hard way.