Is there any way to go back from the new firmware to the old firmware for Tablo?

I’m now on the new firmware 2.2.10 And currently getting a ton of buffering errors. I had no issues with the previous firmware. I have rebooted the tablo. Made sure it was connected well on my intranet.

Have you rebooted the Router, and the playback device as well?

what playback devices? Were you watching something that just finished recording and as a result the thumbnails were being generated> I have noticed that and now either watch live a=or at least an hour or more past, where the thumbnails have been generated. I even had buffering on the NP, which usually the best playback device.

I got it figured out. I had to reboot the Cable modem and problem went away. Might have been some weird update they did on my cable modem I own.

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Here’s hoping the problem doesn’t come back to HAUNT you Ghostmaker.