Is there a way to prioritize local channels?

I’m am new to using Tablo. My channel scan is picking up all my local area channels and a several channels from an area which is about 60 miles away. When I choose a season recording for a show, I would prefer it choose my local channels. I say this because I think the signal strength is generally better for these. I realize I could just remove the other non-local channels, but I have discovered that they sometimes offer better NFL games on Sunday. Tablo appears to always just pick the channel with the lowest channel number. So for ABC channels it picks my local channel, but for FOX and CBS it is picking the non-local channels. It seems like I should be able indicate which stations I prefer it to use when there are multiple choices.

@steveum - This is a popular request and is something we do want to implement. Unfortunately I don’t have an ETA for this yet.