Is there a support phone # to call?

I’ve been trying to resolve an issue over email since 9/24 w/ no luck. Couldn’t find a phone # on the website, either. Love the product, but the support experience is frustrating to say the least - it shouldn’t take over a week to get a key advertised feature configured.

Yes there is:
+1 613-454-5615

Plus if you post your issue here, there are lots of folks who may be able to help you as well.

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All are contact numbers are here:

Feel free to give us a ring.

If you’re looking for assistance for Tablo Connect (just a guess :slight_smile: ) there’s some documentation here:

And as Chris pointed out, there’s lots of folks here willing to lend a hand as well.

Thanks, ChrisFix! I called the #, but nobody answered, so I left a VM. I need help configuring my AT&T U-Verse router to enable Connect, preferably w/ somebody taking over my desktop since I’ve been unsucessful in trying to configure it myself so far.

I helped another member get his Fios router configured - If you read through this post, it is exactly what you need to do - except the UI will be different for your ATT router to get to the correct screens.

If you want to do a Chrome Remote Desktop session with me, I could probably get you configured in a few minutes.

What is the brand and model of the Uverse gateway you have?

@Chris_Soignier - Our team must have been helping other customers. They’ll give you a ring back.