Is there a shortcut to stop streams and disconnect?

I have two Duos, one local and one remote and use the Fire Stick for viewing. To switch from one Duo to the other, I have to go to the settings screen and scroll all the way to the bottom and “disconnect.” Only then after exiting, will I see a choice to choose the other Duo. Is there a shortcut to exit the Tablo app so that each time I start, I can choose which Tablo without going all the way to the bottom of settings?

On my Android app, the menu has an Exit and Disconnect choice. Just not on the Fire app.

I broke out my old FireTv to see what the options are. You are right - it is limited (compared to other Tablo apps) when it comes to disconnecting. Your only option is to do what you have been doing (though you can hold down the down button to make it quicker to get to both the settings screen and the disconnect button).

There is a way to be prompted when you start the app, and that is to always do a disconnect when you finish your Tablo session. But unless you are switching between the two Tablos every time, I am not sure it is worth it.

On the original fire tv stick app the disconnect was at the bottom of the main menu.

When the new/preview app was designed the disconnect was moved to the bottom of the settings page. It takes at least 11-13 clicks to accomplished a disconnect. It amazed me how this passed a design review. It’s as if they are discouraging anyone that uses a fire tv stick from owning multiple tablo unit.

I own multiple tablo units and have both fire tv sticks and roku. I just gave up on the fire tv stick app and only use the roku app and pray that change doesn’t worm it’s way into the roku app.