Is there a real-time signal strength meter yet?


Troll? I’ve been a member of this community for eight months, during which I’ve contributed thirty-four topics with over 20,000 views, awarded over 650 “likes” and used this forum as a means to learn & exchange. My statement was simple & can not be seen as untoward by any reasonable person … and I stand by it … if this feature is so critical to you, you might be a good candidate for (as you put it), “a more responsive company”. This goes for you as well @Radojevic


I wouldn’t bet that those threads are gone. The threads were suppose to be migrated. And the actual original thread on what disks worked with tablo seems to be there.

I just haven’t looked for that thread. I didn’t want to see what wishes had come true.


Thanks to all, and good points. It is easy to go over the top righteous when emotional about something like my comment about “responsive company”. In fairness to them, their support is responsive and they have added quite a few features. And I don’t have a problem giving them more money. If they charged for an upgrade with this feature or it was only available in another box, I would buy that box. FWIW, they ARE working on this and agree is should be a feature but have not set a date for a release.

Good point about the VPN or even a remote desktop app where I just connect to chrome on a PC at home. I wouldn’t mind paying for the service either if I used any of the other features, like watching a recording remotely. But since all I want to do is schedule a recording now and then when I forget and am away from home, it isn’t worth a monthly subscription just for that.


You also get the two week guide and show based recordings for the fee. And if you pay for the lifetime subscription, there’s no monthly fee. Consider that one time fee an “upgrade” to the box.


I would have given it a try, but honestly I’m not even sure if it is made for the US market. Is that even the right frequency range for our market? Is that the right connector on the top? The review on amazon isn’t good, but one review on Amazon wouldn’t sway me from buying it if I knew it would be compatible.

Here’s the review and details:

“This device is no longer working its only work for one week no its not picking any signal and the is no support im very disappointed now its like a toy.”

Brand Name: SATHERO
Model Number: SH-110HD
Support DVB-T/T2
Support QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM
Frequency Range: 174-230MHz (VHF); 474-858MHz (UHF)
Input Level: -85~-20dBm
Display: LCD


k, next time I’ll say, no he’s not, and that’ll stop him from calling you names.


you’re too modest to admit you’ve been liked :heart: over 150 times …nobody would like a troll that much!


You don’t “tune your antenna” by plugging it into a Tablo, with or without “real time signal strength” in the Tablo. You tune an antenna by having a cable direct from your antenna to ONE TV. No splitters. No distribution amps. Nothing. That’s your starting point. Position and aim the antenna for best reception. Once that’s done you can determine if you need to amplify the signal if you have distant towers. This is an amp at the antenna. Once that’s done, you can start adding devices and/or distribution devices (splitters or distribution amp) and checking the effect on signal each time so you know what each addition does to the overall signal.

This is how MOST people, those without the knowledge or money to invest in a signal strength meter, should do their antenna tuning.

Just my opinion