Is there a published API for the tablo?

I tried the tablo2go app but it didn’t work for me (entirely my fault, I missed that it needs python3 and I was using python2).

It did give me enough insight into how to communicate with the Tablo to write my own quick-and-dirty scripts (bash, wget, ffmpeg) to extract a list of what has been recorded, fetch the data, and assemble them into a working .mp4 file.

A bit of network sniffing showed me that there is more in the Tablo than what tablo2go does.

I think the Tablo device uses a RESTful API. Is there a document on it that I can look at?

Nuvyyo can send you an NDA for you to sign.

I didn’t sign. With that said, feel free to look at SurLaTablo (python 2)

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I saw some controversy about that after posting my question. I may ask them.

Thanks, I will.

At the moment I’m leaning towards building an interface in PHP (because I’ve already got a web server set-up and ready to go).