Is there a log?

Ugh, yes, it’s a recent development.
An unwelcome, recent development, @TabloTV.

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The one thing that could help tech savvy people troubleshoot their problems, Tablo decides to hide, forcing you to work through their support people with canned responses.

That’s just the beginning of your challenges I bet…

“canned responded” - right, you’ll never see anything. Screen readers never access actual system logs, just the “weak signal”, “drive failed” and other more-or-less generic messages.

Likely to protect proprietary systems… most likely serious developers know how the internals work.

Are you talking about an OS log? Or a tablo log where the log bread crumbs are used by developers who match the log entries up to source code for a specific release.

System logs beyond just OS issues, or maybe OS issues related to hardware. A generic drive bad drive. And there’s nothing logged from the system there’s anything actually reporting an issue with the drive…

There are a variety of logging facilities the beyond specifically the OS which could possible be beneficial.