Is the Tablo worth keeping or should I return it? Asking seriously

So I’m an experienced IT person, been using Linux since kernel 1.2.13, worked with everything at one time or another, so I don’t think I’m missing anything here.

Here’s the issues just in the 1st week:

The new client on the new Roku 2 cause the Roku to crash

Brand new Seagate USB3 2TB drive from Costco appears to have intermittent flake-outs and it passes tests on a PC with flying colors, so does a similiar 1TB drive

DVR functionality is spotty, for example, the tonight show records chunks of the program instead of the whole thing and shows it as multiple listings

Amazon fire stick client yields unacceptably choppy video, and it’s NOT a wifi speed problem

SO, I’m now looking at just returning it and moving back to xbmc/windows media center until something better comes along. This device looked really cool, but this is pathetic so far.

In no particular order –

  1. Some hard drives have issues with the device. WD Elements drives are the highest recommended

  2. Roku crashes are the exception. Some folks are having them, but they may be more related to something in the users network, because most Roku users are having a flawless experience.

  3. Getting chunks of recordings is probably due to signal drops. possibly due to the fact that the signal is split in the Tablo to the separate tuners. An Amplifier would probably help.

  4. The Amazon Fire stick has some known issues. Nuvyyo says they are working on that and hope to have a fix soon.

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If the HD is disconnecting and acting flaky that could be the cause of your shows being recorded in chunks. Some HDs don’t work well with Tablo (don’t know what the technical issue is). Temporarily trying another HD could help narrow where the problem is.

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  1. Well that’s pathetic. It’s really not that hard to implement reliable USB support these days. If they can’t do it themselves, just bake in BSD code. Thanks for the tip though.

  2. My home network is ridiculously overbuilt, with 3 access points, a core router, and an 18TB raid6 NAS. The Roku works perfectly unless I fire up Tablo. When I do fire up the Tablo channel, it’s blatant that it has issues. I suspect the fact it’s the 2015 model Roku 2 that’s the problem.

  3. The signal is about as strong as it gets, and I’ve re-verfied that using my older Silicon Dust tuner. I’ve had this setup for 8 years, starting with MythTV/XMBC/WMC. I have dedicated UHV/VHF antennas merged using the proper signal combiner. There are no signal issues, unless the Tablo’s own tuner is the source of them.

  4. Yeah, although the app appears to leak memory there as well on top of everything else. The Fire stick was stable for the last six months. Now I’ve had to reboot it multiple times since getting the Tablo.

I’d also like to add that if you submit a support ticket @TabloSupport can pinpoint and assist you with your issues, but it sounds like everything except the fire tv stuttering mostly likely stems from the hard drive disconnecting.

Like philsoft stated there is a fix in the works with the fire tv as the stuttering is a known issue. It sounds like it will be released very soon.

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I believe there is a 4 way splitter inside the Tablo. That is a significant drop in signal.

I suppose it could also have recorded in chunks due to the hard drive disconnecting and then reconnecting.

I’ll also throw my points in here:

  1. As philsoft said go with a recommended drive. I have this and works flawlessly: Not expensive
  2. I don’t have a Roku so can’t speak to that, but playback is just about perfect on a Nexus Player (what I have). That also is not expensive.
  3. The issue with the Fire stick and the Chromecast stick seem to be more of an issue of the processing power of those sticks being vastly less powerful than say, a Nexus Player or Roku 3. I traded my Chromecast for a Nexus Player when I had the same problem and everything has worked perfectly. 1080P video on the Tablo has a much higher bitrate than 1080P video on Netflix for example so that’s why it can’t keep up

Oh and in response to your title, it’s definitely worth it!

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Everyone assume you have verified that the drive firmware is up to date

I also have a 4210R connected via a switch and it never crashes. While my 4200x via WIFI 5G loves to crash and burn. But only after roku went to 6.2.3332 firmware.

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Yeah, hard drive is likely the issue. I’ll go that route and see how things go.

  1. I’ll give that a go and see how it runs. It’s possible all these issues are due to the hard drive. It’s a pathetic problem to have in this day and age though.

  2. Good to know, but I’ve already got 2 devices on each TV, and I’m wanting to get it down to one…

  3. The Fire Stick has 4x the RAM and 2 x the processing power of the Roku 3 2015 model. It does have the overhead of running Android, but the problem with the Fire Stick is software. Hopefully this will be rectified in software in short order.

I haven’t hard wired a Roku yet, I’ll give that a shot along with the WD drive. The Seagate firmware is current.

With the Roku rebooting, open a ticket with both Tablo and Roku. Both companies are working on fixing that issue. The last Roku firmware update fixed it for many of us, but some still see it. There is a fairly long thread here on the issue.

@jw48335 We’d be happy to take a peak at your Tablo’s logs on our end! Feel free to send us a note directly along with your Tablo’s MAC address and we can see if the disk is causing some issues.

Tablo is the best OTA network solution in my eyes at the moment and it’s very good. Does it need improvement, yes, but it works very well right now.

I recommend getting a Roku 3 and hardwire it for the best experience.

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@jw48335 what’s the model number of the Seagate drive you have? I have model STDR2000100 and it’s been flawless. Couple that with an entirely hardwired setup and I’m totally satisfied with my Tablo setup (and I came from being a Tivo user). I view primarily on 1 x Roku 2 XS and 2 x Roku 3s.

STDR1000602 - BackupPlus Portable Slim

I’ve got several other drives to try though. Now my problem is the Tablo appears to have died. I’ve got a replacement coming from Amazon. Once that comes in I’ll muck around with it when I have some cycles. I’ve got a 4 week old baby to deal with atm so my time is limited…

@TabloSupport Well, it’s now dead, so maybe the ongoing issues were due to faulty hardware. Amazon is shipping a replacement. I’ll test when that comes in.

newbie question : if the tablo has issue with the Fire, can’t we bypass or turn-off tablo to access the Fire directly, to avoid this problem ? :confused:

What is your question?

You don’t have to use your Fire TV to playback on the HDTV, you can use a Roku, Nexus Player, Apple TV, etc.