Is Tablo supposed to stream currently recording programs?

I’ve been away from my Tablo equipped NY location for a while. Every time I’ve attempted to stream/watch a currently recording program from the beginning (basically time shift) on IOS (iPad mini) and airplay AppleTV after about 15 minutes I get -

Switching back to iPad doesn’t restore the stream.

The only way to restore things - quit airplay, stop playback of the program. Then fire up a Live TV stream - once that’s going I can quit whatever live TV ch I used and restart the recording. But of course now it’s back to the beginning.

The problem then is to buffer along enough and try to catch up but if it was 30min or more into the recording/program, it’s frustratingly impossible to cue back to the point where the error occurred and continue watching from that point. Ugh…

I’ve held off bringing this to the forum until I had more experience to report about the issue. It’s definitely repeatable and it appears to happen every 15-20 min of currently recording program. It does not appear to happen when watching live TV or completed recordings. Plenty of tuners available so I don’t think it’s the encoding issue.

One more data point - only known this to happen on WABC ch 7-1 NYC prime time shows. I’ve not tried to replicate this problem on other networks/stations or shows yet. But I will…

To answer your title question, yes, the Tablo can stream currently recording programs, even through Tablo Connect.

However, I had similar problems when doing this at a friend’s house for the Super Bowl using an Ipad2 streaming to an AppleTv. Your best bet is to watch the tv on just your iPad and not use the AppleTv at all (if that is feasible).

@snowcat - I’m relieved you’re able to follow what I’m describing. Minor nag but frustrating enough to now avoid the situation.

What I don’t know is whether this is just a problem because of Tablo Connect or whether the AppleTv has this happen a lot. That was the first and only time I used an AppleTv. I just had to keep reconnecting whenever it went out.

@snowcat - my empirical data over the past couple weeks - this AppleTV error doesn’t usually happen streaming LIVE or fully recorded programs.

It happens very frequently during recording and even post recording for a few hours after airing. Perhaps, the extend thing is going on longer than I realize? Live and/or season ending broadcasts?

I don’t think it happens while streaming only to the IOS devices. But I haven’t streamed extensively yet on the iPhone 6+ or iPad mini except to throw it up on AppleTV. Obviously, a dedicated app for the later would be nice but I guess there’s some problem? Good lord, nag, nag, nag…

Weird one…

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I was recording the Super Bowl while I was using Tablo Connect to send it to an AppleTV so you may be right, @enyapeoj. If I wasn’t recording that show, it might have worked well.

Unfortunately, my friend returned his AppleTv after the Super Bowl, so I have no way of testing it again. But thank you for your testing results. Hopefully they can help others here.

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I’m gonna try turning off extend recordings under settings and see/test if this nag continues…

@enyapeoj You were pretty clear in your original post, but I just want to clarify:

Does this only crop up during Airplay? Have you ever had the stream freeze or give you an error message by playing it locally on your iPad?

@TabloSupport At work so can’t go into much detail but - the error only occurs when remote streaming (WAN) and using AirPlay. Never had it happen streaming over LAN from iPad to AppleTV.

Also, never had any trouble with iPad or iPhone WAN streaming on the devices only. Add AirPlay, remote streaming just doesn’t work well during recording. Live or completed recordings, no trouble with AirPlay over WAN or LAN.

This happens to me alot we constantly have to re-start our AppleTV.

I get the same error and it has nothing to do with tablo or streaming. I get it when I’m trying to play goldrush from iTunes that I purchased from iTunes.

Interesting though - the OP gets this issue with AirPlay when using Tablo Connect but not when using the Tablo app locally.

The graphic is an AppleTV error message. It can be triggered by any number of reasons not related to Tablo.

In this case it’s triggered while remotely streaming Tablo over WAN to an iPad mini (or iPhone 6) using Airplay to AppleTV

What I do is go to Settings / General on the AppleTV scroll down to restart and restart the AppleTV and I also restart my wireless router and that usually fixes it.

Thank you @mb190e - for your issue that likely solves the trouble. Not the OT situation however.

Maybe I wasn’t clear I get that same error in multiple situations.

Airplay from iPhone to AppleTV
Airplay from my iPad to the Apple TV
Trying to play iTunes shows that I purchased on iTunes
Trying to play Tablo via Plex.

Restarting the Apple TV and the router most of the time fixes it, but not always. I think it has something to do with the Wi-Fi / IP connection, it could be something to do with Apple’s servers because sometimes no matter what I try I can’t get it to work.

So for me I don’t think the problem is in anyway related to tablo.

The reasons above. I’ve been on the fence about dumping AppleTV. I’m kind of getting fed up with it, but Roku has its own issues. Still holding out for the updated AppleTV with the App Store and a native tablo app.

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