Is Tablo for me? I just want to stream live TV and not record

Cord cutter here. I’m looking for a box that will do the following, reliably. Stream live TV to the following: Roku 3, Android, iOS, Kodi (to Plex, via a channel, would be a bonus but not a requirement.)

I have absolutely no need to record any of these OTA channels… just take them and serve them up to various devices. I know the Tablo is going through a rough patch lately looking at posts and the letter from the CEO but am willing to buy one if it will suit my needs. Or is the cost of a 2 tuner Tablo overkill since I have no need to record and just want to stream to networked devices? Should I look at another device? The other thing I read about the Tablo that kinda stinks is reports of slow load time switching from 1 channel to another. I don’t get a lot of HD channels OTA near me but if I want to jump around a little bit, how long is the wait before a new channel pops up? If I don’t buy a subscription to Tablo, will it at least still tell me which channels are witch when looking at the guide?

Without a hard drive you can only stream to one device, so I am guessing the answer is no

I don’t think I’ll ever need to stream to more than 1 device at a time so going without a hard drive attached to it is not a deal breaker. If a hard drive is needed for caching, I think I have an old one laying around.

Other than that, will the Tablo work for what I need or is it overkill?

It may be over kill. But there is no other current device on the market that can stream to Roku, Android and iOS devices.

So you will be paying for the DVR features and not using them.


You just have to understand how it works and know that you won’t be able to switch channels super fast as it is more of a DVR in my opinion than a channel surfing device. Switching between channels can take 10 seconds or more, at least when a drive is attached. Not sure how that works without a drive as I have never tried.


If all you want to do is stream you would be better off with a device like SiliconDust HD Homerun…

It doesn’t do Roku (natively).

As far as I know… no it doesn’t but that doesnt mean someone may not have written an app for it… I didnt check as I only use my HD Homerun to align my antenna when it needs it (I dont really use it to actually watch tv)… I use an iOS app and go on the roof and watch the signal strength as a futz around with the antenna mountings.

That said I am guessing you could probably view it on a Roku with a media server like PLEX … i.e. plex media server attaches to the HD Homerun and you would then use the Roku PLEX app to view it… (note: this isnt really the right forums for THIS discussion I am sure there are other forums out there better up to that task)

Yeah, I was on my roof Saturday and I thought I saw you…

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LOL … actually I haven’t had to screw around with it in over a year now… in the beginning I was having a really difficult time getting the antenna direction right ( I am 40+ miles away from the broadcast towers with hilly terrain in between)

I use it for this purpose in addition to the DVR functionality. It works well for your intended purpose. You may find a show or two that you like to record. Just get a small portable hdd since this is a secondary function for you. You might want to down load the grid app for Roku, it’s a tad slower but better for channel surfing.