Is Remote Viewing Without The Need To "Pair" On The Radar?

I’ve used SimpleTV before and am much happier with Tablo but was stunned to learn I cannot watch my content without “pairing”. Is there any hint that this requirement will be lifted in the future or is Tablo digging in their heals on this?

People have asked for this many times and they have responded that they are looking in to how to do this… When it will come is anyones guess

Yeah, i second this.  I love everything about tablo, except this.  Everytime i need to use it remotely, i haven’t paired in a while and i’m screwed.  Super annoying

It’s a SUPER popular feature request. Our focus for the very short term will be the living room experience as previously stated but once we get through that (likely in early 2015) we’ll start looking at some features like this one. 

It’ll require some back-end work and we’ll likely do some sort of login integration w/ the subscription service portal. Still need to investigate/discuss the best course of action though.

How would you guys like to see this implemented? 

@TabloTV, I think you need to implement multiple users as well, then with the user bing able to login and go to live TV, their recordings, only settings for the admin  ;)

I would like to be able to log in with my credentials at, and have the ability to tune there.  I hate to throw this out there, but thats how works.  its a convenient way of hitting it. 

It would be nice to be able to add/remove users from an admin login. I also want to know how to remove access for a device which has been paired already. So if your kid/spouse/ex-/whoever needs to get bumped off for a while or indefinitely, for now if re-pairing were necessary that’s ok. So without any major firmware overhaul, how does a device get bumped off?

Btw this is my first post and just spent a good hour reading many posts and look forward to working my way through the rest of them. I am glad I still have my HD Homerun to use for signal measurements with the app. That little tidbit is a gem, since I already had the device and the app. :slight_smile:

No feature at the moment to remove paired devices other than factory resetting your Tablo and reconfiguring.