Is my 8.5 year old Tablo finally dead?

Several days ago, my Tablo (OG 2 tuner) could not be found on my network. Not on my laptop or the Roku. I rebooted the router, and all was working again. This morning Tablo was working on my laptop but after a thunderstorm passed through it could not be found on my network again. I rebooted the router but that did not fix it. Went down in the basement to find the Tablo blue light on steady. It was warm but not hot. I then power cycled the Tablo and it would not completely reboot. It started with the fast flash then went to the slow flash and never stopped. Tablo is not shown in my router’s attached devices.

The Tablo is on a UPS so it is somewhat protected from surges. And everything else on that UPS is working fine. I tried a different power supply (It’s over 8 years old) with no success. Tried a different ethernet cable with no success. Turned off the hard drive with no success. Checked my antenna system by turning on TVs that share it and they work fine with strong signals. My antenna is properly grounded, the ground cable was not fried and there really wasn’t any close lightening strikes so I’m not thinking it was struck.

The one thing I have not tried was a factory reset. After all else fails that’s that I will try.

Any other advice/suggestions?

You could unplug the ethernet, reboot the tablo and see if the tablo private SSID is being broadcast. That way you know the box is good and the wired ethernet died.

I know you said it’s slow flashing now but using this guide…

Which one does it appear to be?

Thanks, but I also tried this before and did not help. Tried it again now and nothing. No “WiFi” Tablo in my router’s list of devices.

It’s the “blinking slowly 1/sec”. If I leave it long enough it starts what I think is the pulsing. But I cannot find it in my router.

Well OMG and slap my knee. My Tablo, as well as 5 other devices, are running through an 8 port switch in my basement. From there a cable goes up to the living room where it connects to the router. I thought what the heck I’ll move the Tablo to one of the unused ports on the back of the switch. Within seconds I heard the Tablo hard drive spin up and the blue light was on steady. It’s all working fine now. Funny how years of solid service can be tripped up by well, I don’t know. I will power cycle the switch later. Internet is in use currently so I don’t want to interrupt it.

Hey @SophieCat It sounds like the Tablo is on Ethernet.

If that’s the case, can you check the Ethernet port lights on the back?

If there are no lights, or if all the lights are on without the Ethernet cable connected it may sadly be :headstone:

Already found the issue was not the Tablo, but the network switch port the Tablo was connecting to.

Glad to hear you are back up and running!

D’oh! Glad to hear all is well!

When it wasn’t working while the Ethernet cord was connected, the green and orange lights were both on with the green one flickering occasionally. That seemed normal to me. And yes all lights go off when I unplug it.

Looks like our messages got crossed above. Glad all is well and your Tablo was revived to live another day.

Hey no problem. I’m a retired engineer who could get 100’s of emails a day. I could read them out of order and somehow make them make sense. :crazy_face:

And thanks everyone else for your quick replies.

If it’s been plugged in for years, it could have been simple corrosion causing too much noise. You could test to see what happens if you put it back on the port it was on.

It was purchased/installed and untouched since oct of 2019. Everything looked very clean but I could try that. And before I do it wipe the contacts with some Deoxit. The thing is in the basement where the humidity is very controlled all year so corrosion shouldn’t be much of a problem.