Is it possible to use without USB drive just for live viewing?

Probably a dumb question since I assume the disk is used to store information about channels and such in addition to the programs, but got my brandy-new Tablo today, and my disk doesn’t arrive until next Wednesday! Hoping to be able to at least play around a bit with live TV if it’s possible.

Yes, you can still do channel scans and watch live TV without a hard drive.

Woo, hoo - hooked it up and it works. Can’t wait for the disk to get here now.

Tablo on 5 Ghz wireless casting to Chromecast on 2.4 Ghz and all seems to flow nicely.

Is there much of a delay when you switch channels?

If the Tablo is not buffering data (and I assume it can’t if there is no HD) then I wonder how fast it loads up each channel?