Is it possible to recover recordings from the hard drive?

Just got a replacement tablo since my last one died. When I plugged in the old hard drive, none of the recordings showed up, is it possible to recover the recordings? I would hate to lose out on them.

If im not mistaken the “database of recordings/schedules” is stored in the tablo itself… I dont know if its possible to reconstruct it from the files on the harddrive. Perhaps @TabloSupport or @TabloTV will chime in with answers.

I would think that a reformat might have taken place. But you can check with @TabloSupport

@cberry If the old drive was able to backup the original Tablo’s database, it should begin migrating it as soon as you plug it into the new Tablo. If the drive was formatted or the backup was corrupted, this may not work. Our support team can take a closer look at let you know.